Using Antisemitism As A Weapon

👉Publicly called Ye mentally ill and antisemitic. Privately threatened him with drugging, institutionalization.

“‘I think Kanye has a history of mental health issues, and it appears that he’s probably going through an episode right now,’ Pasternak said. ‘If people continue to give him a platform to discuss hateful, antisemitic rhetoric, they’re complicit, so I applaud Facebook and Twitter.’

“About his mental state, Pasternak said, ‘I spoke to Kanye for about five hours yesterday, and his communication is very incoherent at this point. It doesn’t forgive someone for being antisemitic. In fact, the lack of outrage over his tweet from people is very sad, regardless of whether he’s mentally ill or not. It’s not acceptable.’”

“West then uploads a screenshot of an exchange between him and ‘Harley’ (allegedly Harley Pasternak). The individual sounds like he’s threatening Kanye in the messages, stating that he will have him institutionalized and drugged again. The text reads: ‘I’m going to help you one of a couple ways… First, you and I sit down and have an loving and open conversation, but you don’t use cuss words, and everything that is discussed is based in fact, and not some crazy stuff that dumb friend of yours told you, or you saw in a tweet. Second option, I have you institutionalized again where they medicate the crap out of you, and you go back to Zombieland forever. Play date with the kids just won’t be the same.’”

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.