Ye, Drugged and Minded: A Theory

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Note: All individuals are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Look for the patterns.

October 3, 2022

Ye and Candace Owens wear “White Lives Matter” T-shirts at Paris Fashion Week, prompting an outcry.

October 6, 2022

Ye is interviewed by Tucker Carlson. During the interview he makes a number of strange remarks, even for him.

I believe Ye may have been drugged in retaliation for the October 3 “speaking out of turn” T-shirts, which challenged the Black Lives Matter movement. (I do not know who would have done this and am not accusing anyone in particular.)

“During the interview, some of which was not aired on Fox that evening, Ye made a series of offensive and conspiratorial claims about Jewish people and Jewish identity.

“Ye claimed that Jews are actually Black people, saying that when he refers to Jews he means ‘the 12 lost tribes of Judah, the blood of Christ, who the people known as the race Black really are [sic],’ and posited that Planned Parenthood was the product of a collaboration between the KKK and Margaret Sanger ‘to control the Jew [i.e. Black] population.’

“He also said that it is impossible for him to be fairly described as antisemitic, because as a Black person he is actually a Jew.

“Ye also told Carlson that he believed Jared Kushner only arranged peace agreements between Arab nations and Israel ‘to make money.’

“At another point, Ye stated that he wished his children had learned about Hannukah instead of ‘a complicated Kwanzaa,’ because Hannukah would at least ‘come with some financial engineering.’”

It was after this interview and the backlash it generated that Ye doubled down on his remarks, saying that nobody would silence him, and he was going to go “death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE” meaning that he would complain, as “you guys have toyed with me and tried to black ball (six) anyone whoever opposes your agenda.”

October 7, 2022. Tweet since deleted.

After this, the more Ye was pressured, the worse he exploded in frustration that people were constantly trying to manage and shush him.

It was almost as if someone had set him up to discredit him after his Paris fashion show.

Twitter Post By Ye

Key Points:

  1. It turns out that when West was committed in 2016 after speaking out against Hillary Clinton et al., it was from Pasternak’s house.
  2. Pasternak has a military intelligence background. From 2005-2007, Pasternak worked in Canada’s Department of National Defence’s Defence and Civil Institute for Environmental Medicine, essentially a research facility.
  3. “Very interesting place for a man to work before becoming “personal trainer” to top celebrities, many of whom have had public mental breakdowns.” (


Pasternak is from Toronto and is Jewish.

It is unknown who his father is.

Military Drug Research

Pasternak, in a military capacity, studied the effect of drugs on performance.

“Working for the military, I wasn’t governed by the same laws that the typical person was, so I could look at the impact of certain drugs that are not every day things.”

Harley Pasternak,

Many have wondered how a personal trainer can have someone institutionalized. I was curious about that too…but I know the answer now.”

“It’s obvious in retrospect but I’ve got another name. A vast matrix of control exists to keep big celebrities in line. You clearly need more than a personal trainer with a curious academic pedigree—many people with many functions.”

Post-Hillary “Diss” Kanye Institutionalization

This is the nexus between Hollywood and the Democrat party machine.
Note also that he was Canadian military and has Russian clients yet was recruited for managing “personal training” for an A+ American Hollywood client list.

November 20, 2016

“During the set, West also took a shot at Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton after pledging his support for Donald Trump during a Nov. 17 concert in San Jose. ‘This Saint Pablo Tour is the most relevant [thing] happening. If your old ass keeps following old models, you’ll be Hillary Clinton.’”

November 21, 2016

Kanye is taken to UCLA Medical Center for a psychiatric examination—in handcuffs.

He is picked up from Pasternak’s home.

“Kanye was taken to a hospital on November 21, 2016 after Dr. Farzam called 911. Farzam claimed Kanye was ‘acting erratically.’ Guess where Kanye was taken into custody? Harley Pasternak’s home.”

“Kanye was allegedly suffering from sleep deprivation and dehydration. He left the hospital diagnosed bipolar and medicated as well. We know that Harley Pasternak recently threatened to have him institutionalized again for political reasons. Could there be more to the official story of what happened in 2016?”

“As I said previously, these celebrity control networks have multiple people involved: handlers to keep an eye on the stars and doctors to call in 5150s in the event they wander off the plantation. This is in addition to lawyers, journalists, etc. of course.”

– Patrick Casey, and

Speaking of Harley Pasternak’s ties to the Department of National Defence… The DRB (Defense Research Board) was once part of the DND. Strangely enough, the DRB was responsible for literally funding Ewen Cameron’s mind control experiments—you know, MKUltra. (Cameron also received CIA funding.) Many decades later, the DND is still very interested in psyops—and the guy threatening to drug Kayne West into oblivion and take his kids away was affiliated with this very same research center.”

Transition to Hollywood

He started working in the industry in the early 2000s.

“Pasternak is a nutritionist and trainer, with the majority of his clients being famous people (plus some kings, heads of state, and Russian businessmen… casual). He has degrees in nutrition and exercise physiology, and he worked as an exercise physiologist for the Defense and Civil Institute of Environmental Medicine, Department of National Defense in Canada (aka the Canadian military) before his full-time job shifted to getting entertainers in shape.…In the middle of his studies at the University of Toronto, Pasternak tells me he was asked to help a Hollywood producer (whom he didn’t name) change his nutrition and exercise habits to help him live a healthier lifestyle.”

Pasternak’s Celebrity Clients

Key question: If he was “handling” Ye, who else was or is he “handling?”

“Pasternak’s celebrity client list includes: Adam Levine, Behati Prinsloo, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Megan Fox, John Mayer, Amy Schumer, Ariana Grande, Charlie Puth, Jessica Simpson, Julianne Hough, Robert Pattinson, Pusha T, Jason Sudeikis, Katherine Langford, Gwyneth Paltrow, Brad Falchuk, Jordana Brewster, Tobey Maguire, Rihanna, Mac Miller, Jennifer Hudson, Nina Dobrev, Gwen Stefani, Nathan Fillion, Abigail Spencer, Usher, Tracee Ellis Ross, Jack Black, Common, Eliza Dushku, Seth Rogen, Robert Downey Jr., Halle Berry, Amanda Seyfried, Kate Beckinsale, Maria Menounos, Bono, Milla Jovovich and Alicia Keys.[6][7][8]

Attacked Ye’s Mental Health

Pasternak claimed he was no longer working with Ye due to the latter’s antisemitism and called him “incoherent.” Ye says he was “mentally misdiagnosed and nearly drugged out of my mind.”

Celebrity Trainer Harley Pasternak Cuts Ties With Ye Following Anti …

Pasternak said they had been “friends” for 15 years:

“As someone who’s been his friend for 15 years, I will not speak with him again until he issues a formal apology.”

Kanye West’s Jewish Celeb Trainer Spoke With Him ‘For About Five Hours …
I found this on Freespoke, a new search engine that doesn’t censor viewpoints and respects privacy. Check it out:

2012 Incident

“The trouble started about 7:45 p.m. Jan. 29 when Matthew Spritz, a lawyer, and Michael Berro, an exec with a tobacco wholesaler, were shooting hoops in a private gym in Berro’s building on W. 24th St. when Pasternak interrupted to ask when the gym would be free, the lawsuit states.

“Pasternak left but returned a half-hour later and ‘began to hurl insults’….Spritz moved to defend Berro, but Pasternak shoved a camera phone in his face….When Spritz pushed the phone away, Pasternak smashed him in the jaw with a closed fist. Berro intervened and Pasternak slammed him in the nose, too, according to the lawsuit.”

Wikipedia Entry (Archived)

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