The Theory That Ye Was Set Up: Let’s Review

11/20/2016–Kanye at a concert called Hillary Clinton an “old model.” This after endorsing Trump 3 days prior.

11/21/2022 – West was picked up from celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak’s home and taken in handcuffs to UCLA Medical Center for a “psychiatric emergency.” He had to be “persuaded” by “friends” for over 2 hours. They held him for a week. The rest of his tour was canceled.

Now fast forward to October 3, 2022. West, an outspoken advocate for the black community, wears a “White Lives Matter” T-shirt at his fashion show in Paris. People are shocked and confounded. He is obviously attacking Black Lives Matter. He is also using the name of a racist slogan that developed in response to BLM. An absolute avalanche of opposition ensues.

Three days later…

10/6/2022: Ye is interviewed by Tucker Carlson. During the interview he makes a number of strange remarks, even for him. HE HAS NEVER BEEN PUBLICLY, VERIFIABLY ANTISEMITIC BEFORE.

“During the interview, some of which was not aired on Fox that evening, Ye made a series of offensive and conspiratorial claims about Jewish people and Jewish identity.

“Ye claimed that Jews are actually Black people, saying that when he refers to Jews he means ‘the 12 lost tribes of Judah, the blood of Christ, who the people known as the race Black really are [sic],’ and posited that Planned Parenthood was the product of a collaboration between the KKK and Margaret Sanger ‘to control the Jew [i.e. Black] population.’

“He also said that it is impossible for him to be fairly described as antisemitic, because as a Black person he is actually a Jew.

“Ye also told Carlson that he believed Jared Kushner only arranged peace agreements between Arab nations and Israel ‘to make money.’

“At another point, Ye stated that he wished his children had learned about Hannukah instead of ‘a complicated Kwanzaa,’ because Hannukah would at least ‘come with some financial engineering.’”

It was after this interview and the backlash it generated that Ye doubled down on his remarks, saying that nobody would silence him, and he was going to go “death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE” meaning that he would complain, as “you guys have toyed with me and tried to black ball (sic) anyone whoever opposes your agenda.”

After this, the more Ye was pressured, the worse he exploded in frustration that people were constantly trying to manage and shush him.

It was almost as if someone had set him up to discredit him after his Paris fashion show.




Well, you WOULD have free choice unless someone had access to your mind, God forbid, meaning that you had been what they call “programmed.”

The aim of the CIA MKULTRA program was military in nature. The experiments were directed at controlling the subject’s mind so that the subject would fulfill the direction of the programmer.

Is Total Mind Control Possible? | Psychology Today

“What has been documented is that if you found a subject whose personality was deviant to begin with and wanted to direct their minds to do something extreme like plant a bomb or commit an assassination, you may be able to guide him or her to do it—with or without hypnosis.” (ibid.)

One could argue that Kanye West has a “deviant personality” not in the criminal sense but in the statistical one. He is clearly gifted, intellectually and creatively. He may be uninformed regarding certain matters, but the effort to paint him as stupid is blatantly racist.

There is also trauma-based mind control, which was used on children for decades after the war. Brutally raped from infancy and/or locked up like my friend Frida Halliday and experimented upon, the mind shatters into a million pieces (compartments or file folders) where the handler can access a personality and store memories without the subject knowing. This ability is necessary in order for the subject to carry out operations.

I don’t know anything about Frieda’s life other than the bits and pieces she tells me, mostly about being saved by Jesus, and his direct reassurances to her.

We know that MKULTRA survivor Cathy O’Brien was saved by Mark Phillips from a tormented life of infant and childhood rape, sexual slavery and horrific abuses that cannot be printed here on this platform. Cathy has made claims that you can assess for yourself. Here is her recent movie or you can find her books on Amazon or her website.

Another survivor, Cheryl Hersha Beck, describes being an MKULTRA survivor from an OSS/CIA family line granted immunity from prosecution. Beck describes in a particularly disturbing interview having to attend a ceremony (in the USA) where men dressed in Nazi uniforms did something so barbaric to Jewish people that, again, I cannot post it here. Most of her story is unprintable here.

Like O’Brien, she has a photographic recall and ability to describe events which makes her account all the more impactful.

Here is a link to the archived transcript.

In her documentary, Cathy O’Brien talks about how her daughter was taken into the program and how trauma-based programming morphed into “harmonics”-based programming which operates at the level of sound and is obviously undetectable.

There is also the old-fashioned method of drugging someone into doing what you want.

Project MKUltra (or MK-Ultra)[a] was an illegal human experimentation program designed and undertaken by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), intended to develop procedures and identify drugs that could be used in interrogations to weaken individuals and force confessions through brainwashingand psychological torture.[1][2][3][4] It began in 1953, was reduced in scope in 1964 and 1967, and was halted in 1973. MKUltra used numerous methods to manipulate its subjects’ mental states and brain functions, such as the covert administration of high doses of psychoactive drugs (especially LSD) and other chemicals, electroshocks,[5]hypnosis,[6][7] sensory deprivation, isolation, and verbal and sexual abuse, in addition to other forms of torture.[8][9]

MKUltra was preceded by two drug-related experiments, Project Bluebirdand Project Artichoke.[10][11] It was organized through the CIA’s Office of Scientific Intelligence and coordinated with the United States Army Biological Warfare Laboratories.[12] The program engaged in illegal activities,[13][14][15]including the use of U.S. and Canadian citizens as unwitting test subjects.[13]: 74[16][17][18] Over 7,000 American veterans took part in these experiments non-consensually during the 1950s through 1970s, many of them suing later on.[19] MKUltra’s scope was broad, with activities carried out under the guise of research at more than 80 institutions aside from the military,[20] including colleges and universities, hospitals, prisons, and pharmaceutical companies.[21] The CIA operated using front organizations, although some top officials at these institutions were aware of the CIA’s involvement.[13]”

I should mention that the official story concerning Josef Mengele is disputed by multiple parties with direct evidence of their claims. See the readily available book The Bush Connection, which contains photographic evidence.

There is also something called “Voice to Skull” or “V2K” technology.

Recall this from 2018:

A Jewish doctor who heads the hospital where the suspected Pittsburgh shooter is being treated and is a member of the synagogue he allegedly attacked, said Robert Bowers ‘hears noise…telling him to rise up and do something.’”

Synagogue shooter ‘listened to noise and noise told him his people were …

Since the political rise of Donald J. Trump, who was roundly condemned as a virulent racist and sexist despite a long Hollywood career prior, we have been bombarded with the message that Jews are in danger from antisemitism, including from Ye (formerly Kanye West). This crescendo of narrative insistence is supported by no less than the FBI, which as a recent report shows, is heavily politicized and weaponized against Republican conservatives, particularly Trump supporters.

Graphic by the author based on House Judiciary Republican report

It is crucially important somehow that we believe this story.

It seems to me that it would be pretty easy to pay or incentivize people to scare Jewish people if you wanted to. Who would know the difference?

Meanwhile when people protest the training and massive, massive funding of rightwing extremists frequently seen with Nazi or racist symbols in Ukraine, we are told that this is misinformation or exaggerated.

This suggests the political weaponization of the media as well.

Into the mix walks Harley Pasternak, who—after calling Ye an antisemite and “incoherent”—and after calling himself Ye’s “friend” of 15 years —allegedly texted Ye to threaten him with drugging and institutionalization “AGAIN.”

Kanye tells us directly that he was “mentally misdiagnosed and nearly drugged out of my mind to make me a manageable well behaved celebrity” — very crucially, FOR THE POLITICAL ADVANTAGE OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

Clearly the parties allegedly involved include Pasternak, UCLA Medical Center, West’s doctor (Dr. Michael Farzam, who called 911), and the Kardashians.

Kanye West 911 Call: ‘He’ll Need To Be Hospitalized’

Crucially, if you look at Harley Pasternak’s history, he has a passion for helping people to live their best lives. His journey appears to have started at age 13 when his mother first took him to a gym.

“Harley Pasternak, Jewish Fitness Trainer to the Stars” – The Forward

But something happened in the early 2000s. Out of the blue, it seems, he got a call from Hollywood. Keep in mind his resume included working for the Canadian military.

He started working in the industry in the early 2000s.

“Pasternak is a nutritionist and trainer, with the majority of his clients being famous people (plus some kings, heads of state, and Russian businessmen… casual). He has degrees in nutrition and exercise physiology, and he worked as an exercise physiologist for the Defense and Civil Institute of Environmental Medicine, Department of National Defense in Canada (aka the Canadian military) before his full-time job shifted to getting entertainers in shape.…In the middle of his studies at the University of Toronto, Pasternak tells me he was asked to help a Hollywood producer (whom he didn’t name) change his nutrition and exercise habits to help him live a healthier lifestyle.”

Pasternak, in a military capacity, studied the effect of drugs on performance.

“Working for the military, I wasn’t governed by the same laws that the typical person was, so I could look at the impact of certain drugs that are not every day things.”Harley Pasternak,

Here is the tie to MKULTRA:

Speaking of Harley Pasternak’s ties to the Department of National Defence… The DRB (Defense Research Board) was once part of the DND. Strangely enough, the DRB was responsible for literally funding Ewen Cameron’s mind control experiments—you know, MKUltra. (Cameron also received CIA funding.) Many decades later, the DND is still very interested in psyops—and the guy threatening to drug Kayne West into oblivion and take his kids away was affiliated with this very same research center.”

The issue in my mind is not Pasternak per se, but the ecosystem within which he operates.

We already know that celebrities like Britney Spears and others, some his clients and some not, have suffered mental breakdowns and commitments for psychiatric treatment.

To what extent are they controlled and who is doing the controlling?

Further, is the label “Jewish Hollywood” convenient excuse to throw Jewish people under the bus when clearly there is military research going on that is religion-agnostic?

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.