Covid Tribunals

“We owe it to those who were harmed by the lockdowns and mandates to not casually forget their experiences. The sheer scope of unnecessary human suffering during the COVID years is inestimable. Think of the elderly who died after New York Governor Cuomo moved COVID patients into nursing homes; think of the workers who lost jobs after refusing to receive the vaccine; think of the children forced to wear masks every day at school; think of the business owners who saw their livelihoods destroyed. To simply forgive those who perpetrated these grave injustices, without holding them accountable, would do a disservice to all those who suffered.”

I didn’t write the article, Patrick Casey did, but it expresses my sentiments wholeheartedly.

I don’t think we should forget any of it.

Just the opposite, I think we should open up an inquiry. People lost a lot and deserve answers.

1) When did the President know and what did he do (see screenshot from LinkedIn).

2) What is the origin of the virus?

3) When the President wanted to make Hydroxychloroquine available, who blocked him? (Note: I am asking about the process not the medical advisability of any particular treatment.)

4) Who decided about the lockdowns?

5) How did certain agencies and unelected government officials get so much unrestrained power?

6) How and why were dissenting voices censored?

7) Why weren’t conflicts of interest explored?

8) What was the connection to the 2020 election?

9) How was it determined that experimental vaccines should be mandatory?

10) What are the comparative physical effects of vaccines vs no vaccines on various populations and why is there not a stratified response?

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.