Get Out of Kherson Now.

Photo collage/graphic by me of the cover of today’s Wall Street Journal 11/12-13/2022.

“You shall not stand idly by as your neighbor’s blood is shed.”

Leviticus 19:16

Just before this the verse says:

“You shall not go around as a gossipmonger.”

It is the mainstream media promoting this war.

Search “Kherson” and this is what you see: headlines such as “Russia is humiliated” and guys making “V” for “Victory” signs.

But the alternative news media tells a different story, about how Russia has nearly half a million troops ready to go.

Telegram: @qthestormrider777, Nov. 11, 2022, 12:14:27 pm

Watch how the media, refusing to acknowledge even minimal common sense, fans the flames of Western-backed “Ukrainian” (not the will of the people who backed peace with Russia) arrogance.

Col. Douglas Macgregor, Ph.D. tells the truth:

“The entire place is carefully targeted for annihilation. In fact, the southern Ukrainian command made an announcement that they were concerned that perhaps this was a trap, that if they go in great numbers into Kherson, that the Russians will in fact concentrate their striking power, rockets, missiles, artillery in great quantity and kill everything that goes into Kherson, because there are no Russians living there now.”

The fact that this is too easy is why you see contradictory tweets from the Ukrainian side. On the one hand they celebrate their military prowess. On the other they acknowledge that something isn’t right.

Citing a celebratory article in the Washington Post, Senator Whitehouse tweeted: “Slava Ukraini! But watch for tricks and traps . . .”

There is no reason for killing when people can live amongst one another in peace.

Veterans Day was yesterday. We do not need to see more killing and death. Stop the war.

I am no expert, but this looks like a very obvious trap.

So if you have a loved one volunteering in Ukraine, consider advising them to leave.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.