LinkedIn Issues, Again

People who read my work know that I am dedicated to following the truth.

There appears to be no penalty for reporting a post as violating LinkedIn policy, and I have shared research that some people just don’t like, most recently (over the past two days) about:

  • How Chuck Schumer promoted Obama to Jewish American voters as a fellow “guardian of Israel.”
  • Russian-speaking civilian in Kherson “flicked” by a Ukrainian soldier (“we’ll take care of you”) – presence of neo-Nazis there.
  • FTX scandal, including the possibility of money-laundering for the Democratic Party.

It is frightening that we stand at the brink of nuclear war, and we still have not woken up as a country.

I continue to see the head of ADL online mislabeling free speech as hate speech, most recently attacking Tucker Carlson. Please know that this person does not speak for Jewish people as a group.

Separately Frida Halliday, survivor of MKULTRA at Stanford, continues to be harassed and has been taken to the hospital. She was fine until last week, and then all of a sudden had “tinnitus,” could not sleep, felt foggy, and told me that a neighbor told her she saw an ambulance outside her door at night, was she alright, she had a “dream” about being abducted and injected, and then suddenly she couldn’t use her credit card. I am putting this out there because Frida could really use the public’s prayers right about now.

I pray for better times.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.