Money Laundering 101

$52.3 billion to “Ukraine” (Kiel Institute)? Why are millions of Ukrainians dispossessed instead of living safe and protected?

How much of the cash went to Ukraine “partner” #FTX which then transferred it to corrupt Ukrainian officials who took their cut and sent a cut to the Americans?

Those Congressional visits to Ukraine…did they help actual Ukrainians?

CEO of FTX, second biggest Dem donor, donated $30 million to the midterms. FTX hired the government officials who would regulate crypto if the law were stepped up. He supported Dems and Republicans ahead of midterms for “permissionless finance” (Nov. 5).

Company launched May 2019, out of nowhere, 2 weeks after Biden announced launch of campaign. Company went to bankruptcy November 2011, just days after the midterms.

In the interim it “partnered” with the Ukraine Ministry of Finance to take “donations” and get them to organizations and individuals lacking a bank (CEO to CNN).

Where is the balance sheet?

Don’t forget the “mysterious” hack (founder is an MIT grad) upwards of a billion missing, the backdoor built into the software to move money around undetected (Reuters) the owner running from the USA and is he under arrest?

Where is the FBI that touts it’s crypto efforts? That breaks down the doors of people so boisterously?

Where is Interpol?

Here is a scary thought: Financial corruption dictates foreign policy. Under the pretext of support for desperate Ukrainians (many trafficked)…we are led to the brink of nuclear war!

Meaning: Is it possible that the war with Russia was provoked precisely to create a pretext for this “crisis” which enabled so much unaccountable money to flow during an election cycle?

Call me cynical but as they say “follow the money.”

Election over, watch how the Ukraine crisis now “magically” winds down.


“Sky news gave an interview to Ukrainian soldier called Iryna Tsybuh showing her as some sort of heroin. But who is Iryna Tsybuh? Sky news did not tell us much. Well Iryna Tsybuh is a Nazi Banderite. Her Facebook ID that she made starts with SS (SScheka). No it is not a coincidence. She loves SS as seen in pictures with her having SS Galizien patch on her t-shirt and also loving SS Dagen. Iryna Tsybuh loves to take pictures with UPA Banderite flag and of her батько Бандера. Other Nazi symbols that she loves are Volknut, Black Sun and Swastika. But Sky news is silent about this. Many thanks to our follower and supporter Max who found this. It took Max few minutes of his time to find this information but for Sky news that has 100s of journalists its a mystery. Maybe Iryna Tsybuh Will be called to US for a tour where Nazis from Ukraine go these days.”

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.