MKULTRA Victims Do Need Mental Health Treatment

We have this national conversation going on about MKULTRA and it’s tempting to focus solely on outing it, exposing it, talking about it, ad nauseam until everyone is aware and justice has been done.

But there are real people suffering its aftereffects. It is not good for them to harp on what happened to them, unless they themselves want to talk about it.

And the truth is that the torture has made them mentally ill, and they need medication and treatment, lifelong.

It is tempting to not trust mental health professionals because of the role psychiatry has played in this torture. It is tempting to not trust hospitals. But survivors need the help.

Also, I am not a Christian, but I know that believing in Jesus helps survivors to actually stay alive. Who am I to say that he has not visited them from the “Other Side,” to give them a message of hope and healing, to rescue them when they felt that all was lost and life was not worth living?

Speaking to a Jewish person, I brought up the concept of MKULTRA and Nazis doing experiments in Operation Paperclip after the war was over. The entire conversation was extremely triggering for her. She had relatives who were experimented on in the camps. It was as though someone had stuck her finger directly into an electric socket. Her entire body language screamed, NO, NO, NO.

But it has been my experience that Christians are able to hear that this has happened and not fall apart. They are able to receive the victims of these experiments. Maybe it’s because the wounds are not fresh for them, or because their religious theology points directly to the evils that man can do, without flinching.

I can’t explain the way things are, only that I go through life and make observations. So if you need mental help for whatever reason, please go get it. If you are comforted by Jesus, fine by me.

I just want to see people alive and getting better.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal. All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.