J6 & “Trump or Death”

Photo collage of several screenshots

November 15, 2022–About three hours before Trump announced he was running for President in the 2024 campaign, the phrase “Trump or Death” was trending on Twitter.

There was video of these men “stomping” (more like walking slowly; let’s face it they didn’t hire the youngest actors) on a flag with Ron DeSantis’ picture and the words “DeSantis 2022.”

I sat there picturing these guys collecting $100 each for their participation in the stunt as the leftists and assorted bots remaining on Twitter made much of this spectacle.

To my eye, it was obviously staged and faked, just like January 6 was, and I know that from watching it on YouTube and taking copious notes on Twitter before Twitter banned me and so many others in a “great purge” two days later.

When we were banned, our evidence was sealed off hermetically from the public. Not only that, but the discussions were gone too. All of that crowdsourced open intelligence painted a clear picture of a setup that Trump worked doggedly to prevent, including authorizing massive numbers of National Guard while Pelosi et al delayed them, telling people to go home, and even calling a rally for earlier in the day months ahead—and delaying people at the Ellipse.

The truth is that the January 6 event at the Capitol was planned and staged very carefully.

  • There were “orange hat” (think Ukrainian color revolution/Maidan) provocateurs there. It is possible Maxim Yarosh was present, which surveillance video would substantiate. Yarosh is not just “anyone” but a key figure in the far-right nationalist movement, and he is a dangerous, violent figure.
  • An anti-Trump activist wearing a MAGA hat named Jayden Alexander was there with a CNN producer. They are on Alexander’s own video hugging another and saying “We did it!” Their comrades are on video with them.
  • Alexander was on video when Ashli Babbitt was killed. There were official-looking people right next to her.
  • Judy Woodruff oversaw a journalist who walked in with some of the protesters when they were let in and stood there taking pictures, shocked that the doors had been opened to them.
  • Before the event, warnings went out over social media of impersonators wearing turned-around MAGA hats.
  • The man known as the QAnon Shaman was revealed by his sister to be a U.S. Marine in disguise named Jake Angeli. This person had taken photos with Rudy Giuliani and Chanel Rion.
  • …and there is so, so much more.

The enemies of our country bury the evidence by censoring the recorders of history. Then they superimpose a narrative that just doesn’t feel right or sound true no matter how hard they try.

Said a friend:

“There haven’t been tribunals for Obama. Trump didn’t win the election. These random people you advocate for, who you don’t even know, are seriously mentally ill. And Kanye is an antisemite. Those are just the facts, and you refuse to see them.”

But I held my tongue, because this person hasn’t been following the play-by-play for the past six years. They aren’t thinking about the fact that the military is not allowed to talk about what they know. They didn’t watch the video by former State Department official Dr. Steve Pieczenik from November 2016 that a counter-coup was underway. They aren’t familiar with MKULTRA or how it might affect celebrities.

My friend is Jewish. Sadly many Jewish people I know (in my orbit, not in New York, where people seem more savvy) don’t get what is going on, and worse they stubbornly insist that Trump and his supporters are not just crazy but evil.

The comment made me think of the episode that occurred in the desert, after the sin of the Golden Calf. God is furious with the Jews who stubbornly persist in idol-worship despite His constant and obvious miracles:

Exodus chapter 32 finds our ancestors receiving yet another tag – one that evokes mixed feelings, yet in whose depth may lie the secret of our eternity.
The source of the appellation is Hashem himself, who says the following to Moses in the terrible aftermath of the Golden Calf: “I have seen [observed] this people, and behold they are a stiff-necked people. Now leave Me alone and My wrath will blaze against them and destroy them. I will then make you into a great nation.” [2] Rashi explains that the Jews are “so called because they turn their stiff necks towards those who reprimand them and refuse to listen.”


But the flipside of obstinacy is that once a Jew believes that something is right, they will never, ever, ever let it go—which is why so many Jews so bitterly oppose Trump even now.

What is required is sufficient evidence to alter consciousness. It has to be so blatant that the media must report it as a fact.

Once we believe, our stubbornness is legendary:

“Dr. Yaffa Eliach relates a story that illustrates how our stubbornness translates into our immortality: A Jewish labor battalion, slaving under brutal Nazi control, refused to eat on Yom Kippur despite threat of execution for failure to comply. After the fast was completed, the Nazi commander approached the group and said:
“I know that you fasted today, but I am not going to invoke the death penalty you deserve according to the law. Instead you are going to climb that mountain and slide down on your stomachs. Those among you who would like to repent may say they were wrong to disobey army regulations and fast today. Those who wish to do so may raise their hands.”
Not a single hand went up.

And so, the tired, soaked, starving, the emaciated Jews climbed the wet, slippery mountain. When they reached the top, they were ordered to slide down on their stomachs. When they reached the bottom, they were ordered to line up again. They were asked if there were individuals who wished to repent and be spared the ordeal. Mud-covered figures with feverish eyes looked at the clean shaven German officer in silent defiance.

And so ten times they repeated the humiliating performance, each time with more determination, each time with more strength, climbing and sliding from an unknown Polish mountain which on that soggy Yom Kippur night became a symbol of Jewish courage.

After the ordeal was over, “a young German officer of low rank walked over to the group and said ‘ I don’t know who will win this war, but one thing I am sure of – people like you, a nation like yours, will never be defeated, never.’” [10]


The people who think salvation isn’t coming are thinking very short-term. We were slaves for hundreds of years in Egypt, and they can’t imagine we will survive and thrive past a “16 year plan.”

Now is not the time to argue, because claiming to know things that the rest of the world can’t see is how people get defined as mentally ill.

But I can report this: The mass brainwashing is not working anymore, and it is my observation that the number of people who are aware and awake is growing. Each at their own pace, they see fissures in the facade turning into cracks, gaps, and soon the entire structure will break open with truth. We just don’t want to see it collapse in on itself—on us, God forbid.

Which brings me to Ukraine-Russia and the wave of antisemitism. Both of these things are happening, but both of these things are also a very visibly engineered. The aim is to terrify, but instead people have become curious.

One last thing: LinkedIn kicked me off after I posted that excellent graphic showing money laundering in Ukraine via FTX. Then I got a content warning from Facebook.

This suggests to me that following the story is very important to dismantling their fake news narrative.

You know, the lady I spoke to, who was triggered by the discussion of MKULTRA, had family experimented on in the camps.

When my fellow Jews find out the truth—that Mengele and his experiments continued in the USA for real—they are going to be livid.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.