Will someone please fire Jonathan Greenblatt?

“The ADL’s presence in the ranks of those who are supplying the organizational muscle for the resistance to Trump might come as a surprise to those who haven’t been paying much attention to the group in recent years. Though it spent its first century of existence being careful to avoid getting labeled as a partisan outfit, in the three years since the ADL’s longtime national director Abe Foxman retired, Greenblatt has steadily pushed the group farther to the left and, in so doing, more or less destroyed its reputation as being above politics. After the ADL has repeatedly involved itself in partisan controversies, it is impossible to pretend that Greenblatt’s vision of the group isn’t fundamentally that of a Democratic-party auxiliary that is increasingly overshadowing and marginalizing its still-vital role as the nation’s guardian against anti-Semitism.”

“The ADL Chooses Anti-Trump over Anti-Semitism,” https://www.nationalreview.com/2018/07/anti-defamation-league-anti-trump-anti-semitism/

Right now, the director of the FBI is warning that Jewish people are under serious threat of antisemitic attacks:

“The director of the FBI has said the Jewish community in the United States is ‘getting hit from all sides’ and ‘desperately’ needs further support from the agency amid an apparent uptick in antisemitic attacks.”


There is no need to rehash all the threats and attacks that have occurred recently.

This is why “leaders” like Greenblatt, who shamelessly politicize the critically important mission of fighting antisemitism, must be defrocked.

Instead of doing a root cause analysis that takes into account all possible causes of anti-Jewish bigotry, Greenblatt wastes his time kvetching that Donald Trump has been reinstated on Twitter.

The man is an embarrassment to our community, especially when you consider the amount of time and effort that Trump has spent on behalf of the Jewish community, and Israel.

Not only that, but he has turned what should be a Jewish organization into a progressivist lapdog that itself attacks Jews!

“Once a champion of Zionism, the ADL now hires a Jewish outreach director [Tema Smith] who demands that her ‘community’ give a proper hearing to those who defend the targeting of Jewish civilians through suicide bombing.”

“The ADL Has Chosen a Side. And It’s Not the Jewish One,” https://www.nationalreview.com/2022/01/the-adl-has-chosen-a-side-and-its-not-the-jewish-one/

Say what?

“‘Here’s the thing,’ tweeted Smith, ‘Jews have to be ok with Palestinians explaining why some turn to terrorism. The whole problem with the “‘”it was 18 years ago, she was in college”‘ line is that it denies her right to even opine on the Palestinian experience.’ Smith made this comment when defending then–president-elect Joe Biden’s pick for deputy director of the White House Office of Legislative Affairs, Reema Dodin, who said in the wake of the Sbarro restaurant suicide bombing that killed 15 civilians (including seven children and a pregnant American woman) that such bombings were ‘the last resort of a desperate people.’”

Smith also cautions Jewish people against calling out racism if it comes from Black people because to do so would be inherently racist.


“The ADL still promotes itself as a social moral compass but it has become quite the opposite. These days, it resembles a massive money laundering and an organized crime extortion machine. In 2016, it fundraised over $67 million. During the 2016 Charlottesville marches alone, it raised $11 million. Between its unlimited cash and its now undeserved reputation of civil rights organization, the ADL has turned into one of the leading political king makers and serves as an advisor to elected officials and an arbitrator in all matters related to what should or shouldn’t be considered anti-Semitism.

“Despite paying lip service and shading many crocodile tears, since 2015, the ADL has done virtually nothing to fight the flood of anti-Semitism which comes almost entirely from the ranks of the progressive left, MSM outlets like the NYTimes, and Muslim Brotherhood affiliated organizations and politicians. Instead, under Greenblatt’s leadership, the ADL has been targeting imaginary white supremacists, conservatives, and the state of Israel. Yup, you read that correctly: the ADL—which started its life as a defensive Jewish league—has actually turned into one of the leading enablers/apologists of anti-Semitism and is now playing footsie with classic anti-Semitic groups like the BDS movement.

“Appointing Jonathan Greenblatt as ADL’s CEO wasn’t coincidental. Rather, it was part of a wave of red green alliance takeovers of US civic organizations.”

“The Anti-Defamation League Must Go,” https://www.yaacovapelbaum.com/2020/09/09/the-anti-defamation-league-must-go/

ADL can do much better, and it should, because arguably Greenblatt is actually causing antisemitism.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.