Trump At Anti-Trafficking Event With Crokin. (“QAnon” Lives Rent-Free In ABC’s Head.)

Liz Crokin was involved in the 2020 documentary about Hollywood trafficking, “Out of Shadows.” Here she talks about the need to involve “law enforcement” and her lawyer because of the attacks she received in response.

But ABC News doesn’t talk about that in covering her attendance at a related benefit where President Trump said a few words. Nope—she’s just a “QAnon conspiracy theorist.”

We are dealing with true evil.

Clips from Liz, and her captions, via Telegram:

Tonight I had the privilege and honor to speak at America’s Future fundraiser to combat child trafficking at Mar-A-Lago. Some of the topics I discussed were Pizzagate, Balenciaga and what President Trump’s Administration did to combat human trafficking. I’ll upload the full speech and post more about this soon.”

Liz Crokin 12/7/2022

President Trump made a surprise appearance and spoke at America’s Future fundraiser to combat trafficking. 🙏🏻”

“Out Of Shadows represents at the America’s Future fundraiser to end child sex trafficking. Watch Out Of Shadows here:

You can also watch the documentary here.

My message to the fake news. Pizzagate has never been debunked. If you believe it has been, please debunk all the proof I have put out in my Pizzagate Exposed series as opposed to slandering me. Start here:

Then please try to debunk any of the content presented here in Out Of Shadows:

Then please explain why you are so triggered by America’s Future’s project to end child trafficking — why does this make y’all so mad? Learn more here:

Liz has had a stellar career as a journalist. But just like the renowned attorney Lin Wood, they crucified her when she became an advocate for victims of child trafficking by so-called “elites.”

They are not elites, just terrible human beings who have a measure of money and power, and who choose to misuse it in this life.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.