Comment On “House Republicans Locate Emails and Text Messages Implicating Pelosi in Failed Jan 6 Capitol Security Operation”

Federal Whistleblower Jon McGreevey:

“Transcript. Major General William J. Walker, newly promoted (by Nancy Pelosi) to Sergeant at Arms, rewarded for his participation in the Jan 6 LIE. Walker provided encrypted comms to Pelosi’s gestapo so they wouldn’t be picked up by REAL police, or by citizens with scanners.”

Stew Peters 6/27/21 citing Dr. McGreevey

Q: Was Major General William Walker Named House Sergeant At Arms As A Reward For Complicity In Jan. 6?

“That’s correct.”

Q: “Why did Trump leave the White House?”

“Because he’s an honorable man, and he was not going to maintain it by violence. The Democrats had planned for him not leaving, had planned for months-long protests, they were gonna encircle the White House.” 

Q: What Is Your [Dr. McGreevey’s] Motivation [As A Whistleblower]?

“He [Walker] is a direct connection to what happened on January 6th and how fake it is and to Nancy Pelosi….he can tell you, you know, Nancy Pelosi wanted a shooter in the place (?)….he provided the communications because Pelosi did not want the FBI running an operation in her House that she couldn’t control and couldn’t listen to, and she couldn’t listen to their communications.”

Q: “What do you suppose or what do you know Pelosi to have offered the Major General in order to get him to go along with this?”

“He wanted a piece of the inside, he wanted to be on the inside, he wanted to be a player, he wanted to be in the big game and he, personally, hated President Trump, which is his right.”


“He doesn’t realize the position he’s in. He’s not safe, he’s not one of them, he’s not a co-conspirator who’s trusted. He is a knot that is easily untied if it gets too close to her.”

Q: Are you saying that they are capable of and would kill him without an issue?

“Oh, I believe they would absolutely. He could just have a heart attack driving home, it would be very simple….he’s in between the massive FBI and the [?] machine around it, and he’s in between Pelosi….the little guy in the middle and he’s not on equal footing.”

The Shooter of Ashli Babbitt

“The shooter is the shooter, they’re protecting him because if you get to the shooter, it would lead back to the communications, things like that. The FBI, like I said, swooped in, took all of the private communications they could, everything to make it look like that, because they don’t want anyone to ask about any military channels that were up. And of course, that National Guard encircled everything for months after. Same thing.”

So many questions about January 6.

Speaker Pelosi is essentially using the U.S. Capitol Police as her own private police force.

Speaker Pelosi is heading the very Commission investigating this event, even though it was she who kept the National Guard away.

Members of the House Freedom Caucus seek her removal as Speaker due to her abuse of authority as head of this Commission.

The Speaker and her husband are getting rich off of stock trades when she oversees decisions that affect the stock.

POTUS 45 has accused Speaker Pelosi of enabling human trafficking.

Pelosi coddles the antisemite Ilhan Omar.

Does Speaker Pelosi take direct or indirect bribes or collude with Mexico or other countries?

Does Speaker Pelosi have a hand in Twitter’s blatantly partisan censorship decisions?

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By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.