How Redemption Is Always Rushed

“Thereupon Pharaoh sent for Joseph, and he was rushed from the dungeon. He had his hair cut and changed his clothes, and he appeared before Pharaoh.”Genesis 41:14

This week’s Bible portion is called “Miketz,” meaning “from the end.” In a literal sense, it is the 10th of 12 portions in Genesis—we read it toward the end of the book. It also alludes to the end of Joseph’s period of imprisonment in an Egyptian prison, a sentence he did not deserve, as he is about to rise to a position of significant power in the Egyptian kingdom.

Metaphysically we are reading here about how the End of Times will occur, how redemption operates as part of a recognizable pattern. Whereas Joseph had suffered a long, unfair, dragged-out fate as a slave and then a prisoner, when it came time for him to be freed they rushed him out of jail. Similarly when the Jewish people left the interminable, centuries’ long period of slavery in Egypt, they had to hurry up and get out of there.

Recall that when God sent His angels to deliver Lot from the Sodomites, he and his family had no notice and no time to prepare. No! They had to run out of there, with nothing but the clothes on their backs, and never look back.

We do not know why salvation works like this, but it does. We know that God is faithful and will always keep His promise to deliver us from the evil ones. If we are intelligent we will not pay any attention to their efforts to discourage us. Rather, we will rouse ourselves into a state of constant readiness, understanding that we are of limited mind and cannot assess exactly how or when or where deliverance will happen.

This week we are also in the midst of the Jewish holiday of Chanukah (Hanukkah), during which we celebrate the miraculous victory of the Jewish people over the horrible Greeks (and their evil, assimilated Jewish allies). Most people do not know much about this holiday, except that they know about a menorah (lamp) that stayed lit for eight nights in the Temple.

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Years of heavy fighting preceded this miracle. The Jews were not looking for it; they tried to avoid it; but the Greeks’ behavior was more and more repulsive and disgusting, even to the point where they decreed that the Jewish females would have to be raped by a Greek before they could get married.

“As a final insult, in order to attack the sanctity of the Jewish family the Greeks decreed that prior to her wedding a bride must be violated by the local Greek official – in some ways the single most abhorrent edict of all.”

Finally one day the Greeks tried to force a Jewish man named Matisyahu to sacrifice a pig to the Greeks’ false gods. Matisyahu wouldn’t do it and another Jew volunteered, and that was the end of it:

“The revolt began when a Greek garrison arrived in Modiin. Gathering all the Jews to the town square, the Greeks ordered Matisyahu to offer a hog to the Greek deities. He refused, exhorting the townspeople to be steadfast against the forces antithetical to Torah. When a renegade Jew approached the pagan altar in order to offer the sacrifice himself, Matisyahu killed him and the surrounding Greek soldiers. Proclaiming “Mi Lashem Ayli” (Exodus 32:26), “Whoever is for G‑d join me!” with other loyal Jews Matisyahu ran to the hills and began a guerrilla campaign against the Greek oppressors.”

What’s notable here is that the beginning of the Jews’ redemption from the Greeks was not a happy moment at all. But it did turn into a full-fledged rebellion absolutely immediately as a single man, pushed to the edge by a Nazi-like regime, realized that the Jewish people could not endure another moment of this daily torture and still remain intact as God’s people. (Note: This was not a nationalistic rebellion, only a rebellion against the utterly sanctity-defiling cruelty of the Greeks.)

Further, after the incident with Matisyahu and the Greek, the Jewish people had to fight against unbelievable odds for three full years, in the same way the Jews had to go through many years of slavery in Egypt after Joseph was elevated to a most senior position, and the same way that the Jews had to wander in the desert and then conquer Israel from the Canaanite nations.

Clearly, “sudden” does not mean “easy.”

But the enemy wins as long as we deceive ourselves. And that is why Lot’s wife did not make it out of Sodom, because she looked back as if longing for her immoral home.

It says in the Torah that the Jewish people became almost fully corrupted by Egypt, reaching the “49th level of impurity” (out of 50). We were almost fully covered by Egypt’s temptations, until we got up and put ourselves together and ran as a people for the exits.

Throughout history, we Jewish people have succumbed to what is known in modern times as “false consciousness,” adopting the sick ways of the pagans who surround us because we feel pressure, we want to fit in, we have lost sight of who we are, or perhaps we simply do not realize our spiritual heritage as we are covered in so much dirt and ignorance.

The task therefore is so very simple, but it is deceptively so: Turn to God. Jewish or not Jewish, simply acknowledge Him, and His total control over the world.

Understand that the way things appear is not at all the way they are.

Know that the terminology we use to describe ourselves, the labels, are oftentimes quite meaningless. I am sure there are many Jews who do not even know they are Jewish (due to persecution and assimilation) just as there are many non-Jews who are actually Jewish and don’t realize it.

We would probably be amazed to find that most “Palestinians” are actually genetically Jewish.

The concept that Abraham brought to the world is the key: to acknowledge the One True God. To love, fear and obey Him. To run away from those who rebel against Him, whether they call themselves “witches,” “warlocks,” “pagans,” “Luciferians,” “satanists” or something else.

We need to be very ready, because very soon, something is going to happen in this world. We are going to see God take His entire creation back.

It isn’t going to be about our personal efforts, but something much bigger that’s at play.

Be ready for anything, get your mind in gear, start to separate from the false ideas we’ve been swimming in for so long, and embrace the future in faith.

Note: I advocate peaceful protest only.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.