The Survivors Teach Us Hope

A woman named Genendy discovers that she was brutally and repeatedly raped by her own father and dissociated to survive. This is a common symptom of CSA. Genendy stays religious. She gets married and has kids and raises them in faith. She goes on to reach out to her family to make peace, reach out… Continue reading The Survivors Teach Us Hope

Fake news and empires built on lies about victims. “Do not stand on top of the blood of your friend.” (Lev. 19:16) This right after “do not be a talebearer” (Lev. 19:15). Why the conjunction? Do not think that you will build your empire on the backs of those whose reputations you destroyed. (Bava Metzia 58b:12: shaming is akin to literally “spilling his… Continue reading Fake news and empires built on lies about victims.

Being mean to each other doesn’t help survivors.

This morning I woke up to a note left on social media by a survivor. The details are not for certain social media platforms. But the problem is that her “unsayable” experience informs the public policies we debate. How do you address the real issues when all the information is not out there on the… Continue reading Being mean to each other doesn’t help survivors.

On Kidnappings in Mexico and Common Sense A long time ago, maybe about 30 years, I saw this video about what to do in case of a kidnapping, God forbid. The video said "never go to crime scene #2." In other words if they tell you to get in the car and drive you somewhere else, never go if you can… Continue reading On Kidnappings in Mexico and Common Sense

No, you didn’t deserve it.

Abuse always happens in a culture. The Jewish religious culture still by and large shushes up rabbinic abuse until they absolutely have to deal with it. That is why the stories coming out are so horrifying. Why is it that the men who constitute the upper echelons of the frum (religious) community operate with total… Continue reading No, you didn’t deserve it.

2 Key Facts About “Lucifer”

Dafei Tang, writing in the Times of Israel, sheds light on Lucifer/Satan, the spiritual enemy we collectively face, and how they will meet their end. We learn that when Moses had to face Pharoah, he was actually facing Satan, the serpent, (refer back to Genesis…the reptilian) and Moses was scared, which led God to confront… Continue reading 2 Key Facts About “Lucifer”

“We Are Being Lied To On An Epic Scale.” Lara Logan says it absolutely correctly, as usual. Please share.

Straightening Out The Jewish Understanding Of Jesus

See: Jesus the Pharisee: A New Look at the Jewishness of Jesus, Most Jewish people do not know that Christianity was founded by religious Jews. The purpose was NOT to worship Jesus as a false God, Heaven forbid. It was to speak out about the fact that the attitude of the rabbinic establishment of… Continue reading Straightening Out The Jewish Understanding Of Jesus

I Think I Heard Somebody Die Last Night.

It was past TV watching time and everything was quiet and dark. Out of nowhere I hear someone (a man) yelling out. “Oh!” “Oh!” I thought maybe somebody was getting mugged but it didn’t sound like that. After some calling around and a fair amount of looking outside I saw the police car. Then I… Continue reading I Think I Heard Somebody Die Last Night.

Khaybar, huh. You are brainwashed sick.

You are looking at a brainwashed death cult in action. In this clip, Palestinians hand out sweet pastries, celebrating a mass shooting attack against defenseless worshippers, on Holocaust Remembrance Day. One assumes that this was intentional, unless it is just a coincidence. This is evil in action and mass indoctrination, mob mentality, and enforced collective… Continue reading Khaybar, huh. You are brainwashed sick.