It’s 2023 & The Survivors of MKULTRA-Related Experiments, SRA & Trafficking Still Cry Out For Justice

This is not a full list. I apologize for anyone who has been left out in advertently.

Jessica Collins

Cheryl Hersha Beck

David Shurter


Svali speaks – Breaking free of cult programming

It’s Not Impossible: Healing from Ritual Abuse and Mind Control

Ally Carter

Dr. Sue Arrigo

Secrets of the CIA’s Global Sex Slave Industry” (2007)

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Fiona Barnett

Penny Shepard


MK-Ultra survivor @luv3rl3y states (8/22/2020, FB): “There’s a secret in the basement at the Vatican. It anchors in the demons and must be destroyed.”

Brooke adds: “I was taken to the v [Vatican] for rituals. Same as a few others from the family [the Family]. The blood cries out from that place. Same as the old Christchurch [New Zealand] cathedral and when i was in New York oh my gosh one church had so many demons. “It was illu im inati [Illuminati] church. There are many churches where sacrifice and abuse has happened. Satan totally tried destroying everything of Gods.”

Using the hashtag “#FrankEpstein” (e.g. “Frankenstein) @luv3rl3y writes: “i Have lumps growing in my arm because of the biotech. He [Jeffrey Epstein] use to come in via Queenstown as its a more private international airport.” “Somehow gotta get this crap out. God needs to pull them out or something. My friends husband used to pray for his wife and hers would pop out her feet.” “Other scientists did even crazier stuff it’s just like what they been trying to do to create gods. Half human half animal.”

Cathy O’Brien

Brice Taylor

Jesse Czebotar

Via Veronica Swift’s “Lifting The Wool”:

Sarah Ruth Ashcraft

Frida Halliday

Marc Victor

MK Ultra is the name given to a mind control program, run by the CIA during the Cold War, that did experiments on human subjects, including very young children. Its goal was to turn subjects into assassins and “assets” to the CIA.Starting in 1953, the program involved hypnosis, drugs and other chemicals, electroshock, mental and sexual abuse and even torture. Marc Victor, born in 1954 and growing up in San Fernando Valley near the prestigious Stanford University and SRI (Stanford Research Institute), where these experiments took place, was a victim of this secretive and horrific human experiment from the age of four till the project was halted by the American government in 1973.
There is no doubt as to the existence of MK Ultra, and the fact that it was halted in 1973 can only be described as a relief. However, there were no follow up assistance or medical treatment for victims like Marc Victor.Robbed of their childhoods and permanently banned from their own mental comfort zones, they have to face an adult life of disorientation, fear, paranoia and mental and physical illness associated with drugs, torture and psychological warfare. They are also confronted with ongoing harassment from the agents who were involved in these experiments and who are afraid to be called to account, not to mention the indifference of their fellow Americans.
Marc did what he could to go on with a life and career. He owned and managed his own building construction company, because it was difficult to explain to an employer why you disappeared for 3 months, you have no idea where you’ve been and that it was the CIA who abducted you.Try explaining that to a client who’s house you are in busy building. Imagine Jason Bourne and you get the picture. In later years Marc was approached by film director Robert Fitzpatrick, who mentored him for thirteen years before his sudden death in 2007. Marc is a talented script writer and has written, among others, a tv-docudrama about his life in MK Ultra as well as a script for an action movie based on events in his life during the Iran Contra scandal that was connected with the project. Robert died a month before this movie was to be produced in South Africa. So far, filmmakers have proved to be indifferent to, if not afraid of, the subject of MK Ultra.
As a close friend, I’ve been observing the ways in which Marc’s past keeps haunting him: Due to brain injuries obtained in the mind control program, he had three strokes that affected his ability to speak, read and write. He taught himself to speak again through singing and also traveled about two million miles while recovering, working on a TV show with 237 Native American tribes about their culture, called The Brave Games.
Currently, he finds it difficult to work, experiencing brain related problems with his health due to electroshock torture, among others Chron’s disease and anxiety disorder, both of which were caused by severe stress. He has recently been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, also a brain related disease, has been fighting cancer and is in constant pain caused by torn ligaments in both hands and injuries in his spine. The money received for this fundraiser, is intended to pay his medical bills.
Marc’s life has clearly been ruined by the MK Ultra program, but what makes it worse is the indifference about his ordeal by people who have, through the years, been turning a blind eye to his suffering. As a child, his own mother and family, whether they were threatened or bribed,denied the existence of his pain, even today. The American government, while recognizing the need to halt the program, denied the need of the victims to be treated and compensated for the harm done, and the American public in general seems to simply lack the moral courage to face the nightmare that a group of their fellow Americans was forced to grow up with, or simply don’t believe it happened, even in a time where associating with the#metoo movement has become quite fashionable.
What happened to Marc Victor, could have happened to any of us or our children. We are not making the world a safer place for ourselves and our children by denying this dark chapter from the American history and the suffering of its victims. In fact, by turning a blind eye to atrocities like this, we are encouraging a repetition of similar future events.”

Marina Louw,

Cali Shai Bergandi

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By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own.