Frida Halliday

Pictured: Frida (left), her sister Claire (upper right), her mother Ruth Miriam (right center), and her grandmother Frida (lower right).

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I spent 5 hours last night running down Frida Halliday’s story and every single word checks out. My ❤️ to you Frida for the countless injustices you have suffered, including not being believed. Why? Well because her story “sounds crazy,” we all know Mengele died just like they said. Well multiple victims of “Dr. Green” say differently (at least 4). Frida is unhoused, partly for a reason having nothing to do with her (they don’t let you leave the Program). Stanford has the documents on file showing what they paid for MKULTRA participation and the notorious Dr. Sidney Gottlieb (read Poisoner in Chief) signed one of them that I saw.

Why did they need “miniaturized polygraphs?”

What was the real reason it had to stay a secret forever?

That is why Admiral Stansfield in 1976 publicly told Congress the victims would be compensated — never happened.

Frida has written about the horrific childhood she and her twin sister Claire experienced wherein her father raped them both and she was forced to get an abortion. According to her the rapes continued until they both left home at age 19. Claire went on to become a famous documentary filmmaker (Claire Mix) who told the story of her mother Ruth and grandmother Frida’s bravery and goodness during WWII. In other words Claire repressed it to survive. My head is reeling from the injustice visited on wonderful Frida.

Frida Halliday comes from generations of strong women. She survived MKULTRA and is an advocate for other survivors. Her sister Claire Mix became a documentary filmmaker who chronicled her mother and grandmother’s bravery and heroism during WWII.

I think Claire told the story she could mentally survive telling and refrained from telling the story of what happened to her and Claire. I do understand that.

We know this but it bears repeating. People’s lives are not black and white cartoons. Often we focus only on what we want to see and try to bury the rest. The truth is so much more complex. Frida’s life story needs to be told as a documentary. I am sharing only bits and pieces.


Frida Halliday was 4 years old. She was locked up at Stanford with her twin sister Claire. The door opened. It was “Dr. Green” (Mengele). Frida knew something bad was coming. She screamed out to leave her sister alone. Mengele grabbed her and dragged her out of the room. Then he threw her down the stairs, breaking her bones.

I read about Frida’s mother Ruth Miriam (and grandmother Frida). They were strong women who clearly did many good deeds in this world. A good person does not knowingly sell their daughters into slavery. But that is what happened. So do not blindly trust authority. Bold. Underline. Highlight.

How did Frida Halliday wind up locked up at Stanford from birth-7 years for half a year at a time? A German researcher named “Dr. Green” visited her mother after she gave birth to twins. He told Frida’s mother that Stanford was doing “behavior modification” studies and did she want to enroll her children. They needed the money and it sounded normal. Think about this. Ruth Miriam had just signed up her daughters for MKULTRA.

One thing I have learned from meeting Frida Halliday is that sometimes you are speaking to royalty dressed in the humblest of clothes. Think about that before you open your mouth.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own.