A Dream About Not Interfering With Jesus As Savior Of The Christians


I had this very clear and vivid dream sometime in the last week. The reason I can’t remember which day is that I initially wasn’t going to post about it because I don’t want to confuse my readers about where my faith lies.

However it came to me today that I must post it.

Looking at Geni.com (scroll way down) I wonder if this is my ancestor, Rabbi Yaacov Emden (z”l), a distant cousin, thundering and fuming from Heaven about how the Sabbatians have almost succeeded in destroying the world, God forbid.

The Dream

Most of the dream has vanished from my mind but here is the part I remember:

I was observing a victim of mind control somehow communing or praying specifically to Jesus or in the name of Jesus.

The victim was not in the same room or space as me. It felt like she was in another dimension even. Like I was in space or perhaps in the spiritual realm, and she was on earth, the material realm, in a dark place, suffering terribly. Emotionally and psychically overall. Just pain.

The prayer to Jesus was helping her.

In the dream, I heard a voice—not a voice speaking, but a voice communicating. Almost like mental telepathy. Maybe God. Maybe an Angel. A message to me as I observed and felt the unbelievable despair and pain of this victim.

The message in the dream was something like this:

“You are a Jew. But you must stay away from Jesus’ children (so to speak). Jesus is their salvation. You must not interfere with the Christians’ faith.”

Rabbi Emden: Real Jews Support Christians (and Muslims…)

“We should consider Christians and Muslims as instruments for the fulfillment of the prophecy that the knowledge of God will one day spread throughout the earth. Whereas the nations before them worshipped idols, denied God’s existence, and thus did not recognize God’s power or retribution, the rise of Christianity and Islam served to spread among the nations, to the furthest ends of the earth, the knowledge that there is One God who rules the world, who rewards and punishes and reveals Himself to man.”

R. Yaakov Emden, Commentary to Pirkei Avot 4:13

The message in my dream is consistent with Jewish theology (real Jewish theology, authentic Jewish theology, Orthodox Judaism, call it what you will). See the open letter from Rabbi Yaacov Emden below concerning the correct Jewish attitude toward Christianity. (Scroll down.)

I speculate that within the culture of religious Judaism, we avoid this topic for a lot of obvious reasons—fear of assimilation, hypersensitivity among the rabbis about Jesus’ actual accuracy concerning his critique of Judaism, worry about antisemitism, etc.

But the facts are still the facts. Jesus was a religious Jew. A couple of good books on this are Rabbi Shmuley Boteach’s Kosher Jesus and Rabbi Harvey Falk’s Jesus The Pharisee.

Kosher Jesus https://a.co/d/cUfzUJU
Jesus the Pharisee: A New Look at the Jewishness of Jesus https://a.co/d/eh9l8sH

Jesus the Pharisee: A New Look at the Jewishness of Jesus https://a.co/d/eh9l8sH

See the product description (from Amazon) for Jesus the Pharisee:

“This book is an important and provocative study of the thought of the Pharisees in the time of Jesus and marks the first attempt by a rabbinic writer to demonstrate that Jesus of Nazareth consistently upheld the views of the rabbis of the School of Hillel, and that all his criticism was directed at the School of Shammai and their followers. After the School of Shammai disappeared from the Jewish scene following the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple in the first century, Judaism developed according to the teachings of Bet Hillel. This alone increases the common grounds for dialogue between Jews and Christians. Some important findings of this book include the following: The Pharisees of Bet Shammai controlled Jewish life and thought during the first century; the School of Shammai denied salvation to the Gentiles; the Shammaite Pharisees and priests considered Jesus a danger to the Jewish people; the Jerusalem Temple was destroyed because of Bet Shammai’s hatred of the Gentile world; the prophet Elijah condemned Jesus’ crucifixion. These new insights will help achieve a new understanding of the seemingly anti-Jewish passages contained in the Christian scriptures, and make possible improved relations between Christians and Jews. It is acclaimed by scholars of both faiths.”

Rabbi Harvey Falk

Rabbi Falk died in 2006.


His bio (Amazon) is that of a highly educated and religious rabbi immersed in Torah.

“Harvey Falk is a rabbi who has written extensively on rabbinic Judaism and its relationship to contemporary society. His last published book was ‘Days of Judgment’, a novel dealing with the alienation of American youth in the 1960’s. He received his ordination from Mesivta Torah Vodaath in 1955 and studied at the Academy for Higher Learning and Research (Bet Medrash Elyon) in Monsey, N.Y. The research and writing in preparation for this book occupied him for a period of eight years.”

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach


“an American Orthodox Jewish rabbi, author, and television host. Boteach is the author of 31 books, including the best seller Kosher Sex: A Recipe for Passion and Intimacy, and Kosher Jesus. For two seasons he hosted the prime time television series Shalom in the Home, which was one of TLC‘s highest-rated shows. His outspokenness has earned him praise and criticism. The Washington Post referred to him as “the most famous rabbi in America”, Newsweek named him one of the 10 most influential rabbis in the United States, and The Jerusalem Post named him one of the 50 most influential Jews in the world.


Rabbi Falk and Rabbi Boteach are Orthodox Jews, not Reform etc. (secular) and not Messianic.

Rabbi Marvin Antelman

“Rabbi Marvin S. Antelman, middle, presiding as Chief Justice of a court of five members from his Supreme Rabbinical Court of America convened at its 1976 excommunication proceedings. Seated at his right is Rabbi Herbert J. Gilner with the shofar that is blown as part of the proceeding.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marvin_Stuart_Antelman

Many are familiar with the work of Rabbi Marvin Antelman, who rose up against the Jewish Establishment to point the finger at the Frankists for infiltrating and attacking religious life in America, and substituting their perverse and nihilistic (Satanic) views. For this Antelman was widely belittled.

Rabbi Dr. Antelman’s research however was painstaking, and many today recognize how prescient it was. He died in 2013.

To Eliminate the Opiate: Vol. 1 https://a.co/d/aWDC56D and To Eliminate the Opiate: Vol. 2 https://a.co/d/dxP7hrP

Rabbi Yaakov Emden’s Letter (“Seder Olam Rabbah Vezuta”)

“For it is recognized that also the Nazarene and his disciples, especially Paul, warned concerning the Torah of the Israelites, to which all the circumcised are tied. And if they are truly Christians, they will observe their faith with truth, and not allow within their boundary this new unfit Messiah Shabbetai Zevi* who came to destroy the earth.

“*(Shabbetai Zevi, a seventeenth-century mystic [d. 1676], represented himself as the Messiah, and many Jews initially believed his claim. When the Turks threatened him with death unless he converted to Islam, he meekly acquiesced, expiring in ignominy. However, secret cells of believers still followed his teachings and hoped for new leadership.)

“But truly even according to the writers of the Gospels, a Jew is not permitted to leave his Torah, for Paul wrote in his letter to the Galatians (Gal. 5) “I, Paul, say to you that if you receive circumcision, the Messiah will do you no good at all. You can take it from me that every man who receives circumcision is under obligation to keep the entire Torah.”

“Again because of this he admonished in a letter to the Corinthians (1 Cor. 7) that the circumcised should not remove the marks of circumcision, nor should the uncircumcised circumcise themselves.

“….the Nazarene and his Apostles did not wish to destroy the Torah from Israel, God forbid; for it is written so in Matthew (Mt. 5), the Nazarene having said, “Do not suppose that I have come to abolish the Torah. I did not come to abolish, but to fulfill. I tell you this: So long as heaven and earth endure, not a letter, not a stroke, will disappear from the Torah until it is achieved. If any man therefore sets aside even the least of the Torahs demands, and teaches others to do the same, he will have the lowest place in the Kingdom of Heaven, whereas anyone who keeps the Torah, and teaches others so, will stand high in the Kingdom of Heaven.” This is also recorded in Luke (Lk. 16). It is therefore exceedingly clear that the Nazarene never dreamed of destroying the Torah.

“We similarly find Paul, his disciple, in a letter to the Corinthians (1 Cor. 5), accusing them of fornication, and condemning one who had lived with his fathers wife. You may therefore understand that Paul doesn’t contradict himself because of his circumcision of Timothy, for the latter was the son of a Jewish mother and a Gentile father (Acts 16), and Paul was a scholar, an attendant of Rabban Gamaliel the Elder, well-versed in the laws of the Torah. He knew that the child of a Jewish mother is considered a full Jew, even if the father should be a Gentile, as is written in the Talmud and Codes. He therefore acted entirely in accordance with the Halakha by circumcising Timothy. This would be in line with his position that all should remain within their own faith (1 Cor. 7).

“Timothy, born of a Jewish mother, had the law of a Jew, and had to be circumcised, just as he was enjoined to observe all commandments of the Torah (Pauls condemnation of the man who lived with his stepmother is similarly understandable, as such an act is also forbidden to Noahides), for all who are circumcised are bound by all the commandments. This provides a satisfactory reply to the question.

“This will also solve the apparent contradictions in the Nazarenes own statements. Christian scholars have assumed from certain passages in the Gospels that he wished to give a new Torah to take the place of the Torah of Moses. How could he then have said explicitly that he comes only to fulfill it? But it is as I have said earlier–that the writers of the Gospels never meant to say that the Nazarene came to abolish Judaism, but only that he came to establish a religion for the Gentiles from that time onward. Nor was it new, but actually ancient; they being the Seven Commandments of the Sons of Noah, which were forgotten. The Apostles of the Nazarene then established them anew.

“However, those born as Jews, or circumcised as converts to Judaism (Ex. 12:49; one law shall be to him that is home-born, and unto the stranger) are obligated to observe all commandments of the Torah without exception.

“But for the Gentiles he reserved the Seven Commandments which they have always been obligated to fulfill. It is for that reason that they were forbidden pollutions of idols, fornication, blood, and things strangled (Acts 15). They also forbade them circumcision and the Sabbath. All of this was in accord with the law and custom of our Torah, as expounded by our Sages, the true transmitters from Moses at Sinai. It was they who sat upon his seat (as the Nazarene himself attested [Mt. 23]). It was they (the Sages or Pharisees) who said that it is forbidden to circumcise a Gentile who does not accept upon himself the yoke of (all) the commandments. The Sages likewise said that the Gentile is enjoined not (fully) to observe the Sabbath.

“The Apostles of the Nazarene therefore chose for those Gentiles who do not enter the Jewish faith that instead of circumcision they should practice immersion (for truly immersion is also a condition of full conversion), and a commemoration of the Sabbath was made for them on Sunday.

“—But the Nazarene and his Apostles observed the Sabbath and circumcision as mentioned earlier, for they were born as Jews. They observed the Torah fully, until after a period of time a few of them decided to give up the Torah among themselves completely. They said that its observance was too difficult for them and agreed to remove its yoke from their necks (Acts 15).
But even here they did correctly as far as the Gentiles were concerned, for they were not commanded to observe it. Nor is it proper to make it difficult for them, since they did not receive (accept?) the Torah and are not enjoined to observe the 613 commandments. However, it is completely different as far as the Jews are concerned, for they became obligated to fulfill the Torah because God delivered them from the iron furnace (Egypt) to be the people of his possession. Therefore they and their children became subject to it forever. This, their covenant, will not be forgotten from their mouths, nor be discontinued from their children. For it they have given their lives throughout the generations, as the Psalmist has recorded (Ps. 44:18): All this is come upon us; yet have we not forgotten Thee, neither have we been false to Thy covenant.

“Certainly, therefore, there is no doubt that one who seeks truth will agree with our thesis, that the Nazarene and his Apostles never meant to abolish the Torah of Moses from one who was born a Jew. Likewise did Paul write in his letter to the Corinthians (1 Cor. 7) that each should adhere to the faith in which each was called. They therefore acted in accordance with the Torah by forbidding circumcision to Gentiles, according to the Halakha, as it is forbidden to one who does not accept the yoke of the commandments. They knew that it would be too difficult for the Gentiles to observe the Torah of Moses. They therefore forbade them to circumcise, and it would suffice that they observe the Seven Noahide Commandments, as commanded upon them through the Halakha from Moses at Sinai.

“It is therefore a habitual saying of mine (not as a hypocritical flatterer, God forbid, for I am of the faithful believers of Israel, and I know well that the remnant of Israel will not speak falsehood, nor will their mouths contain a deceitful tongue) that the Nazarene brought about a double kindness in the world. On the one hand, he strengthened the Torah of Moses majestically, as mentioned earlier, and not one of our Sages spoke out more emphatically concerning the immutability of the Torah. And on the other hand, he did much good for the Gentiles (provided they do not turn about his intent as they please, as some foolish ones have done because they did not fully understand the intent of the authors of the Gospels.

“….there are true scholars among the Christians, just as there are the chosen few among Torah scholars; and there are few of the truly great.)

“By doing away with idolatry and removing the images from their midst he obligated them with the Seven Commandments so that they should not be as the beasts of the field. He also bestowed upon them ethical ways, and in this respect he was much more stringent with them than the Torah of Moses, as is well-known. This in itself was most proper, as it is the correct way to acquire ethical practices, as the philosopher (Maimonides) mentioned. We have written similarly in our Siddur. However, it is not necessary to impose upon Jews such extreme ethical practices, since they have been obligated to the yoke of Torah, which weakens the strength of the (evil) inclination without it. They have taken the oath at Sinai and are already trained in proper practice and nature.

“These are clear words that will not be rejected by a clear-thinking person. If certain Christians who consider themselves scholars would understand this secret, who believe that they are commanded to abolish the Torah of Moses from the seed of Israel, they would not engage in such foolishness. The people listen to their self-conceived words, something which was never intended by the writers of the Gospels. Quite the opposite, they have written clearly that they intended the contrary. Because of these errant scholars, hatred has increased toward the Jews who are blameless of any guilt and proceed innocently to observe their Torah with all their heart, imbued with the fear of God. They should instead bring their people to love the ancient Children of Israel who remain loyal to their God, as indeed commanded to Christians by their original teachers. They even said to love ones enemies. How much more so to us! In the name of heaven, we are your brothers! One God has created us all.

“Why should they abuse us because we are joined to the commandments of God, to which we are tied with the ropes of his love? We do this not to enjoy the pleasures of the (evil) inclination and emptiness of a passing world. For truly (Ps. 44) we have become a byword among the nations, and with all this (ibid.). In God have we gloried all the day, and we will give thanks unto Thy name for ever. We pray for the good of the entire world, and especially for the benefit of these lands in which we reside, protecting us and our observance of the Torah…

“You, members of the Christian faith, how good and pleasant it might be if you will observe that which was commanded to you by your first teachers; how wonderful is your share if you will assist the Jews in the observance of their Torah. You will truly receive reward as if you had fulfilled it yourselves-for the one who helps others to observe is greater than one who observes but does not help others to do so–even though you only observe the Seven Commandments. I have written similarly in my pleasant work Torat Ha-Kenaot– that the Jew who observes the Torah, but doesnt support it, is considered among the cursed; and the Gentile who does not observe the 613 commandments, but supports it, is considered among the blessed.”

—Excerpt from a letter by Rabbi Yaacov (Jacob) Emden translated by Harvey Falk. The translation of Rabbi Emden’s letter appeared in Chapter 1 of Falk’s book Jesus the Pharisee, A New Look at the Jewishness of Jesus, 1985. Book available here. Jesus the Pharisee: A New Look at the Jewishness of Jesus https://a.co/d/eh9l8sH. Translation of full letter online here. https://eweb.furman.edu/~ateipen/ReligionA45/Emden.html



Jacob Emden – יעב”ץ, יעקב עמדן also known as Ya’avetz (June 4, 1697, Altona – April 19, 1776, Altona), was a leading German rabbi and talmudist who championed Orthodox Judaism in the face of the growing influence of the Sabbatean movement. He was acclaimed in all circles for his extensive knowledge, thus Moses Mendelssohn, founder of the Jewish Enlightenment movement, wrote to him as “your disciple, who thirsts for your words.” Although Emden did not approve of the Hasidic movement which evolved during his lifetime, his books are highly regarded amongst the Hasidim. Thirty-one works were published during his lifetime, ten posthumously while others remain in manuscript.”


Rabbi Yaacov Emden passed away in 1776.

  • The occultists want our Nation for themselves.
  • The so-called “civil war” we are in is about removing the influence of Satanists from our Nation.
  • The fight is as old as Time. It goes back to when the serpent (Satan) tempted Eve to eat from the Tree of Knowledge and then seduce Adam into joining her.


As the rabbi pointed out in synagogue today, Moses was elevated spiritually by the knowledge he gained. Pharoah was not. The Egyptians represent occultism—the desire to use “Illumination” only to gain control over the world, an empire of Satan.

The evil Sabbatians/Frankists are corrupt and aim to convince people that evil is actually its opposite. Their message is pervasive and pernicious. They are not the only source of Satanism in the world, but their influence must be exposed.

Helpful Additional Reading

I highly recommend reading Veronica Swift’s book, An Illuminati Primer, to better understand how occultists think on a broader level.


By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.