I can’t send this email to Veronica Swift

Welcome to what researchers deal with. Wouldn’t you know it…as soon as I simply posted the email as a blog, the emails transmitted! – Dannielle

Hi Veronica,

I read your book, skipping over certain things as we talked about. However that percentage was small.

You’re quite brilliant.

I think the cover is misleading. It’s a big reason why I shied away. You’ve written an academic work of sociology here.

Also, it’s very well-sourced, you are critical in your presentation of the sources, and you incorporate multiple testimonies. This too is not clear to your readers, I think. You are not a propagandist for one survivor but by calling her “our whistleblower” it seems that way.

I apologize [clarification from DB—for previously resisting reading it because I wanted to shield myself spiritually from knowing too much about the evil ones.] I was insensitive to the amount and quality of the work you’ve done here.

That said, you may want to think about more clearly distinguishing between the narrative the victims provide and your own theological beliefs (or Christian beliefs).

You argue that Luciferians mock, invert, and oppose real Christianity because the Christians steadfastly oppose them.

However this does not take into account the persecution of Jews by “Luciferian” (Sabbatean-Frankist) Jews. Cheryl Beck talked about going to a ceremony where the attendees were wearing Nazi regalia and lowered Jews into boiling oil. Why would they bother with us if their objective is only to eliminate the belief in Jesus?

My thought — there is something about Jews even more fundamentally threatening. Remember that Jacob Frank was key to the modern version of this system and he was a Jew…there was a war among the Jews about opposing him.

Another example is the idea that Satan wants to storm heaven. That gives him way too much power from where I sit, but I understand this is what the victims believe.

In a future edition you could simply “rope off” what they tell you and say “this is what I hear from them.”

You do a good job of this when you talk about demons “punishing” victims when they step out of line. You say clearly – this may not make sense for you, but it is real for them..etc.

One thing we agree on is that this is a spiritual war and the victim testimonies are vital to it. I believe you have written a work that is vital to explaining that the war even exists. The above is my reaction to it.

Some concrete suggestions:

— add a subtitle such as: “The Social Structure of Occultism As Told By Survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse” 

— remove the image from the cover

— distinguish between their (Luciferian) beliefs about the “antidote” to their system and your beliefs or Christian beliefs in sections where that’s relevant

— write a summary which emphasizes the diversity of sources 

— place the free PDF not only on your website but elsewhere or simply mark it public domain

— To obtain maximum visibility, annotate the free PDF with some quotes and photos and sell it widely (for a very low price if you wish) on multiple platforms. You can use Reedsy to make the manuscript publishable quickly. 

— Have other people review the book. Send them the PDF.



By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.