Am I Part Of The Program?

My grandmother, may she rest in peace, was experimented on in Auschwitz—supposed to be a “sterilized Jewess.” Part of the Nazis’ eugenics program. Mengele told her personally: “You stinking Jew, you’ll never have children.” Miraculously he was proven wrong.

Where was Mengele’s well-deserved punishment?

Instead of putting him on trial after the war, the CIA put this heinous criminal to work.

Where are the records from Auschwitz? Did they take my Bubbie’s eggs and use them for other medical experiments? Does she have a clone somewhere?

Is she considered part of The Program? How about her biological descendants?

Never let yourself be brainwashed. Doctors aren’t God. Sometimes they’re truly satanic.

“Memorandum of SS-Obersturmbannfuehrer Brandt on discussion between Himmler, Gebhart, Gluecks, and Clauberg concerning sterilization experiments conducted on Jewesses [ToWC, Vol. I, p. 728]

Fuehrer Headquarters, July 1942

“On 7 July 1942 a discussion took place between the Reich Leader SS,SS-Brigadefuehrer Professor Dr. Gebhart, SS-Brigadefuehrer Gluecks, and SS-Brigadefuehrer Clauberg, Koenigshette. The topic of the discussion was the sterilization of Jewesses.

“The Reich Leader SS has promised Brigadefuehrer Professor Clauberg that Auschwitz concentration camp will be at his disposal forhis experiments on human beings and animals. By means of some fundamental experiments, a method should be found which would lead to sterilization of persons without their knowledge.

“The Reich Leader SS wanted to get another report as soon as the result of these experiments was known, so that the sterilization of Jewesses could then be carried out in actuality.

“It should also be examined, preferably in cooperation with Professor Dr.Hohlfelder, an X-ray specialist in Germany, what way sterilization of men could be achieved by X-ray treatment.

“The Reich Leader SS called the special attention of all gentlemen present to the fact that the matter involved was most secret and should be discussed only with the officers in charge and that the persons present at the experiments had to pledge secrecy.”

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own.