Ally Carter speaks about surviving human trafficking

Ally is a survivor of brutal human trafficking. I have followed her story for years. At one point I made a comment to her on Instagram that she should go to the FBI and demand they take her report. She angrily lectured me at how stupid I was for suggesting that and then she blocked me.

The reality is that they do work these cases, the details are horrifying, and most of us could never do what they do.

Despite the problems that exist, I believe in law enforcement and the law generally—it is up to us to push for reform, accountability, and justice for the victims of these atrocious crimes against humanity!

Ally kept the evidence. She has shared it incrementally with the public over time. I pray that her testimony moves us to real change.

PLEASE NOTE: This video contains descriptive language about her abuse that many people will find difficult to hear if not nauseating. It also contains visual images that are disturbing. Her message is important, but be prepared. You can fast forward the portions that may be traumatic or triggering, but it will be impossible to completely avoid disturbing material.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.