Ally Carter speaks about surviving human trafficking Ally is a survivor of brutal human trafficking. I have followed her story for years. At one point I made a comment to her on Instagram that she should go to the FBI and demand they take her report. She angrily lectured me at how stupid I was for suggesting that and then she… Continue reading Ally Carter speaks about surviving human trafficking

Stop the pagans Jonathan Cahn (note and disclaimer: he is Jewish and converted to Christianity, a position I do not support for Jewish people) aptly describes the rise of paganism and witchcraft in America as versus the worship of God. This is not accidental. The words of the rabbi last week in synagogue come to my mind… Continue reading Stop the pagans

RBG idol worship statue is a common baphomet symbol and should be removed

People are upset that the statue honoring Ruth Bader Ginsburg looks demonic. I agree. But it’s clear that idol worship symbols, of Baphomet for example, are widespread. Devarim (Deuteronomy) 7:1-6 forbids the Jewish people on entering Israel from associating with occultists (idol worshipers), marrying them, and from allowing occult symbols in their midst. In Israel,… Continue reading RBG idol worship statue is a common baphomet symbol and should be removed

They used to call it “being a mensch.”

Photo by fauxels on There is something about Americans you can call basic human decency. We don't believe in treating anyone like dirt. Maybe we don't live up to that value all the time. But the values are there. In contemporary times, we say "diversity and inclusion" as a way of referring to the… Continue reading They used to call it “being a mensch.”

Pfizer Director Assaults James O’Keefe Sharing this unbelievable video.

What really matters in life.

My friend is telling me about terrible troubles in her life. I know her for years. It’s hard to understand why God would do this to her. She’s had a hard life: sexual harassment at work during a time when women were mostly secretaries or held other subordinate roles, if any. She went through a… Continue reading What really matters in life.

LinkedIn has restored me to the platform. Thanks LinkedIn.

Still banned on Twitter though. Odd!

How the “Shidduch” System Fosters Sexual Abuse

Photo by Markus Winkler on The Hebrew noun שידוך ("shidduch") means "a match" as it relates to marriage. Specifically, we are talking about an arranged marriage, or one facilitated by a matchmaker, between a male and a female. Generally speaking, if you are using the term "shidduch," both parties were born into an observant… Continue reading How the “Shidduch” System Fosters Sexual Abuse

LinkedIn: Global Child Sex Trafficking Rings = “Misinformation” “Please find the content in violation mentioned below:-Content Creation Time: Tue, 06 Sep 2022 14:15:28 GMT"This post was published by Joachim Hagopian five years ago. I don't claim to have the answers to the troubling issues he raises. However, we must continue to dig for the answers. We cannot have people in… Continue reading LinkedIn: Global Child Sex Trafficking Rings = “Misinformation”

Am I Part Of The Program?

My grandmother, may she rest in peace, was experimented on in Auschwitz—supposed to be a “sterilized Jewess.” Part of the Nazis’ eugenics program. Mengele told her personally: “You stinking Jew, you’ll never have children.” Miraculously he was proven wrong. Where was Mengele’s well-deserved punishment? Instead of putting him on trial after the war, the CIA… Continue reading Am I Part Of The Program?