Woody Harrelson/Volodomyr Zelenskyy Common Factor: CIA

Woody Harrelson to Barbara Walters regarding his father’s CIA training not being something he feels comfortable talking about. https://youtu.be/4SYvG3uU82c Hand symbol #1 Credit: Veronica Swift via Instagram. I added the caption at the top (“watch for symbols”). Hand symbol #2 Via Eyes on the Right 4.0 at Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/CpNnO__LwktTo3BWAdZW_5UVBJn3XScEuxlXOw0/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= One-Eye Pose, Black and White, Feminized… Continue reading Woody Harrelson/Volodomyr Zelenskyy Common Factor: CIA


Regarding #Huwara, I 💯 support Rivka Levy’s brilliant analysis. It concludes with: “King David teaches us that you can spot a real Jew, because they are compassionate, not cruel.” Please take a moment and scan her blog, which could have been subtitled, “the usual suspects are at it again.” https://rivkalevy.com/the-reality-check/ https://archive.is/2023.02.28-130613/https://rivkalevy.com/the-reality-check/ The provocations are obvious… Continue reading Huwara

Let the victims testify. PLEASE!

Let the victims testify. Please.Jessie Czebotar. Frida Halliday. Ally Carter. Jessica Collins. Sarah Ruth Ashcraft (now dying). Chris Cronsell. David Shurter. Saffie Kleinman. Ann Diamond. Carrie Unger. Penny Shepard. Get to the bottom of it. Let them speak. “There aren’t many left to speak for the dead, wounded, and still enslaved. Jessie Czebotar is still… Continue reading Let the victims testify. PLEASE!

An Illuminati Primer – Free Download

https://liftingthewool.wordpress.com/an-illuminati-primer-the-book/ https://liftingthewool.wordpress.com/an-illuminati-primer-the-book/ https://liftingthewool.wordpress.com/an-illuminati-primer-the-book/ Brilliant work.

A statement in support of Veronica Swift at Lifting the Wool. Prayer and encouragement requested!

I got to know Veronica through her incredible research. She is clearly gifted. No one outside the system of evil can verify her findings for certain. But I observe her asking questions, doing detailed research, and only making statements she can support. The narrative she has developed is compelling and consistent. More importantly she is… Continue reading A statement in support of Veronica Swift at Lifting the Wool. Prayer and encouragement requested!

Illuminati East Palestine

Unfortunately there are people who attach themselves to demons. Based on this information, gleaned from recovering Satanists, survivors, and researchers—I sometimes analyze current events to look for clues of spell casting. Along these lines I studied the reporting about the East Palestine, Ohio train derailment. What I found was “more than coincidental” evidence in my… Continue reading Illuminati East Palestine

Anon Post Regarding AI To Post “Reanimating The Dead”

ALL QUOTED <<Meta/Facebook reanimating the dead.Anonymous (ID: F3ot6zkY)02/23/23(Thu)10:36:54No.417337998I’m a Meta insider working on Project Lazarus. We’re building an AI that can take over a deceased persons social media accounts and continue making relevant posts as if that person is still alive. This includes age progressed photos, interacting with other peoples content and everything else needed… Continue reading Anon Post Regarding AI To Post “Reanimating The Dead”

The National Day Of Hate Is A Fake Staged Event, Say Anti-Semites.

The universal consensus in this discussion is that the “National Day of Hate” we were warned about (today, 2/25/23) is a manufactured event. The evidence is that nobody heard of the warning/ threat before it hit the headlines. The credibility of the speakers in this site is that they commonly profess to hate Jews, ie… Continue reading The National Day Of Hate Is A Fake Staged Event, Say Anti-Semites.

Out of Shadows Documentary – Stop Hollywood Child Trafficking (Link)


Are NATO & Russia Playing “Good Cop, Bad Cop” To Conquer Ukraine & Divide The Spoils?

Looking at the war toll one year in, one has to ask whether the West is playing the pretense of supporting Ukraine in a bid for independence while actually gutting the country and setting the stage for a foreign colonization of it. Or perhaps, is the West secretly partnering with Russia to clear out the… Continue reading Are NATO & Russia Playing “Good Cop, Bad Cop” To Conquer Ukraine & Divide The Spoils?