Baltimore-Area Child Sexual Abuse In The Jewish Community

Someone just emailed the general ZA’AKAH address to complain about a video we posted implying that Baltimore was an unsafe place to live because of accused/convicted sexual predators who live there under the protection of community leaders while victims are threatened into silence.

Here was my response, and I mean this sincerely.

The Baltimore community is the single most corrupt community in the frum world and by far one of the most unsafe for children and survivors of sexual abuse. The number of known sexual predators allowed to attend and work in shuls and yeshivas there is baffling. The resources available to survivors down there are wholly untrustworthy. When people who were abused in Baltimore call us for advice we advise them strongly against using any frum resources, including CHANA.

The amount of coverup, corruption, and threats made against survivors and their family surpasses even New Square and Kiryas Yoel. Never in my 10 years of activism and advocacy have I seen a community that dangerous for children. The Catholic Church would be embarrassed if what happens in the frum community in Baltimore had happened in one of its dioceses.

Anyone living in Baltimore who genuinely cares about the safety of their children should move.”

Asher Lovy, Founder of the Child Advocacy Organization ZA’AKAH (“Outcry,”) Facebook, June 2, 2022

The woman in this documentary is from Silver Spring – left in 2005 – father is still principal of a school in Baltimore – alleged serial pedophile for decades.

There is a bill currently under consideration in Maryland to change the statute of limitations.

The abuse happened when she was a child in NJ, but her story brought Silver Spring into the spotlight.

Families in Baltimore who report abuse are “run out of town”

They tried to call her crazy but YU rabbi Blau stood by her, her husband stands by her, she wrote a book (the Price of Truth) and a blog (

Jewish Community Watch tracked down another victim (the father attacks boys and he allowed his yeshiva students to attack her as a child) and she also helped law enforcement follow up on an accusation against him many years ago

The documentary Standing Silent is about the coverup of abuse in Baltimore (2011). I am not able to get a copy to watch online.

“Writer Phil Jacobs of the Jewish Times, an orthodox Jew himself, must go against his own community’s wishes as he uncovers and reports on a web of sexual abuse involving a well-liked orthodox rabbi, and his son, in the Baltimore Orthodox community.”

In the first question of the Q&A about Standing Silent, an audience member talks about child sexual abuse in Georgia.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.