Extreme Wealth, Dehumanization, Derangement and Human Trafficking

We ask ourselves how it is possible for anyone to do the things we hear about from survivors. So it is necessary to look for recurring themes and patterns. Here is one of them: Extreme wealth and extreme inhumanity go together.

Here, an anon tells Vice News of being a manager at a luxury hotel:

“the higher up the price value [the hotel rate] the more common it is to be treated like you’re less than human.”

He says you learn from working at luxury hotels “how disconnected the wildly wealthy are. I’ve seen the darker side of humanity: suicides, murders, spousal abuse, human trafficking.”

Of course, most people aren’t “wildly wealthy” and so this isn’t a culture we understand.

It’s hard to imagine such “beautiful people” acting like deranged savages.

[Warning: Video is sensitive. It may be triggering. It contains graphic descriptions of shocking/deviant behavior.]

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own.