We are people first

There is a very good scene in the Netflix movie “You People.” Eddie Murphy (the dad) won’t accept Jonah Hill (the prospective husband) due to reverse bias, and makes a lot of excuses to justify it.

Finally Jonah Hill says something like, “I may not be what you wanted, but I know a #%* when I see one.”

That statement resonated with me.

We need to be appreciating each other. Not dehumanizing each other. See a person as a person first.

The human being exists in a social world where people are situated in a sea of labels. The task is to understand how labels are used both to create hierarchies of dominance and to exploit them.

God is in charge. God made us all. We are all beautiful.

God is offended when people speak in His name only to perpetrate evil deeds.

Don’t be fooled by false righteousness. Just do what is right and you can’t go wrong.

I love that movie and thank Jonah Hill, Eddie Murphy and the whole cast for being a part of it.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own.