“You People” Is Not Antisemitic.


The movie is about a Black Muslim father who is deeply prejudiced against his Jewish son-in-law, and realizes that his prejudice is wrong.

The secondary message is that the Jewish mother-in-law needs to relate to the daughter in law as a person and not as a token.

Also, the show does not reinforce antisemitism but rather challenges it. The Jewish mother and father vigorously stand up when they are confronted with some common harmful, untrue beliefs. Example:

The way the resulting fighting is portrayed is hilarious.

Generally speaking, it is not true that the movie shows everyone loving Black culture, but it does show that Jonah Hill escapes to Black culture and finds solace there.

The movie does show moral decay in the wealthy California Jewish community. That part is sad but not antisemitic—someone was observing what they observed in the same way as the Black relative who was a criminal was observed.

Real people are just people and we need to bridge the gap where antisemitism exists to promote basic human decency.

However, attacking and censoring movies is not the way.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own.