Jonah Hill Alludes To Hollywood Child Sexual Abuse In “You People.”

Obviously, Jonah Hill’s character is a set of truths experienced by Jonah Hill. We don’t know what actually happened in Hill’s life. However, the child sexual abuse portrayed in the movie is disturbing.

Hill’s family was deeply ingrained in Hollywood’s music industry and his friends are famous actors.

The culture is LA.

The abuse is shown indirectly.

The adult interacts with perpetrators who act out at synagogue on Yom Kippur (!) One person seems like an older community member who is inappropriately vulgar to the much younger character. That is a form of grooming.

Another person reenacts a medical pedophilia scenario verbally.

When Hill’s character tells his innocent mother, she denies his (double trauma).

As an advocate for victims, all this struck me. Hill has severe anxiety for 20 years & a weight issue, which survivors commonly do. He is not doing press for this movie to protect his mental health.

I support Jonah Hill. Instead of getting angry that Hill embarrassed the Jewish community, how about we step up and support him, support victims of child sexual abuse, and repudiate the abusers in Hollywood or anywhere else in the world.

Hill has used his platform to be a mensch. He has my respect.

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By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own.