Pray for Ally and Shelly

Aug. 14, 2022–“This was Ally last night after the chat. Everytime a survivor speaks truth they pay a price. The truth is NOT free. Again this is why we have issues with people sitting in front of a scheduled back drop. This is what REAL survivors go through. Everytime they speak. Did you hear Ally during the chat saying she was going into pain? How many times since you have followed us do you hear Ally say she is in pain? How many times have we asked you to stop and pray because she is down? Real survivors pay a price every single time. That is why this message is priceless.
Please continue praying for Ally today.

“If Ally was NOT telling the truth why would she be attacked every single time she speaks? Do you realize the hell that she goes through, as do other survivors, to speak just a little bit of truth? Do you think handling a seminar every week would be wise? Do you think going back into the tunnels would be wise? When you ask survivors to just put the information out there for your confirmation…. you don’t know what your asking. You don’t have an issue or the effects after … she does. Don’t let organizations or other ‘truthers’ tell you it’s because Ally is not healed, or she doesn’t want help, or she is attention seeking, that is what gaslighting looks like. She pays a price everytime for the truth that no one understands. All survivors go through constant pain and there is no way they can or should stand alone. This is a very evil and deep war. Pray for the REAL survivors.

“If you scroll back over the last 12 years on my page you will see me repeatedly ask for prayer for Ally or for other survivors. It’s because they are going through this type of stuff or worse and it is why they are never truly free. Pimps, handlers, witches, WARLOCKS, traffickers, etc trigger programming and if you scroll up this is what it looks like.

Source: Shelly Carter (Ally’s adoptive mother), Facebook