“Bloodline” vs. “Expendable”: Anneke Lucas

Before it started, she says, her mother abused her.

Around age 4 her life circumstances changed. She lost her beloved nanny. They moved.

The cleaning woman offered to babysit her. This woman was connected to the trafficking ring. They groomed her for a long time. Always lots of kids around, unclear who they were, they kept changing.

Then the cleaning woman’s husband brutally attacked young Anneke at age 6.

This was the beginning.

Initially the ring used her as an “expendable” child meaning what it sounds like. She was used in parties where they had masks on (like Eyes Wide Shut). Anneke saw worse things. The clients could do whatever they wanted and some didn’t survive.

Anneke says it was government officials, clergy, aristocracy.

She says it was national and international. A “mafia” where people were controlled based on pedophilic blackmail.

Anneke’s mother took payment from a Countess.

Fast forward…blood test revealed she was a “bloodline” child. That means a special family. Genetics.

No longer was Anneke expendable. Somehow this also put her on track to be programmed.

Someone or some group had the power to set her up for stardom. (Think “A Star Is Born.”) She had voice lessons, a photographer, etc.

She refused however to do certain things she found unacceptable.

So the training, which took about a year, was for naught. They reprogrammed her, this time, with a different result in mind.

A gangster who was part of the ring, who initially groomed then abused her, had a change of heart and helped her escape.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.