11 Success Tips from “Buying Beverly Hills” on Netflix

Enjoyed watching “Buying Beverly Hills” on Netflix. It is superficially about beautiful homes, but really about the Umansky family—mainly Mauricio Umansky and daughters (wife/mom is offscreen). As couples therapist Kirk Honda would say, “there is a lot to unpack here,” but I wanted to share a couple of lessons I did learn so far.

  1. Successful people prepare. Don’t complain.
  2. Successful people don’t hang around with underperformers.
  3. Successful people are honest, but they never stab their friends in the back. (LA is a small town!)
  4. Successful companies are based on a shared metric (money is fine) as well as a shared value system (no a**###%%).
  5. You will be treated as you portray yourself. Present yourself professionally. Know your numbers. Know your subject matter. Be confident. Take yourself seriously. (Mauricio Umansky)
  6. Say “when I sell the house” not “IF I sell the house.” Talk success, not failure. (Mauricio Umansky)
  7. Be ready to handle a situation. Don’t get flustered. Don’t laugh. (Mauricio Umansky)
  8. Think intelligently about how the prospect wants to see you. They have a big family – bring your family. (Mauricio Umansky)
  9. Think out of the box. Alexia Umansky brought puppies to the open house.
  10. Staging is all-important. People buy the dream.
  11. Tell people the value. They’re getting XYZ. They could be paying a lot more. Don’t just stand there and hope something will sell itself.

Bonus tip for women: Don’t be known as the girlfriend of a guy in the office.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.