Brendon O’Connell Accuses Whitney Webb of Shilling for Russia & China, Microsoft Products Allegedly Involved, Under Orders from Israel

There should be more debate and less one-sided talk, but I believe three things:

  1. O’Connell is telling the truth as he has seen and experienced it
  2. O’Connell does not hate Jews
  3. Whitney Webb is not being honest about who funds her or what her agenda is.

Based on all my research, that is my opinion.

Below is a lengthy set of extracts from the machine transcript of this video. Following that are previous blogs I’ve written on this subject.

I do not claim to be an expert on these topics, but I know the sound of an authentic warning when I hear one.

Quote #1


movies I think you need to start watching some so you understand how the system works then you will understand why Whitney Webb wouldn’t tell you about


all the Microsoft products Azure Cloud all the security products all the the


core security and windows software is all core coded in Israel and she won’t tell you that she won’t tell you about


Intel r d chip design being done in Israel she won’t tell you why because she’s not allowed to she’s only allowed


to give you this much to break off this is the key I’m giving you Whitney Webb’s job is to break off U.S public opinion


from Israel but she is not to tell you the depths of stuff because they want to keep that


industry in Israel so that China and Russia can get their hands on it it’s


filled with Russian Gru assets she won’t tell you about all the Soviet immigration to Israel and the fact that


60 are non-jews with electrical engineering degrees missile technicians do you think an investigative journalist


after all these years and all the information we gave her and she refused she pushed Putin she praised Putin she


refused to tell you about Israel Russia China and Germany on the Belton Road Battle for Eurasia the mckinder world


Island what was going on she refused Point Blank because she’s under orders”

Quote #2


the same time so she’s not getting any Glory she’s not going to retire comfortably to Chile it ain’t happening neither is Alex Jones Alex Jones does


not retire comfortably and his fat old washed up adderall-consuming black black


water scum that are there running around protecting him they’re not going to be protected either people are going to pay


a price for what’s been going on there will be Senate hearing committees on what’s going on and I can’t wait to


appear and when all is said and done this scum these little sellout scum who


sold their souls and when okay because they’re desperate for attention some little kid called Whitney Webb appears


out of nowhere a journalist working for a clear multi-million dollar John Kerry John Kerry Chatham House Intel outfit


Min Press News the purpose is to bring the United States down bring the US dollar to


parity and form the multi-polar world order that’s why they wouldn’t go after Putin orji Ayatollah Khomeini I’ve shown


you in previous videos we want to multipolar World Order Vladimir Putin we won a month up all the world order Klaus


shrub we want to multiply the world order Xi Jinping we want a multipolar world order parody with the US Dollar


Central Bank digital currency blockchain and she went right along with it why


else would you not expose Vladimir Putin the man who worked for the world economic Forum was Klaus yes Klaus no


Klaus Henry Kissinger put him in via the Russian foreign minister Yuri premikov


we’ve been saying this for years here Whitney take this oh hell no that’s not my job my job is to cover for this


you seriously think an investigative journalist with all her groupies and all her little friends sending her lynx and


she missed all this stuff have you got George Webb yet have you got Cynthia McKinney I have a body of


work to be proud of but no one mentions my name ever what I’ve accomplished where I’ve been


no one mentions my name ever except to oh he’s mentally ill he’s mentally ill wait and I will show you how predictable


Whitney Webb is as she brings out this new stuff which will be along the lines of what we talked about she’s going to talk about Microsoft core coding she’s


going to talk about Intel we’ve got to understand we were giving her the story of the century here this this back doors


in the chips they put Arc processors right in the hardware level they’ve done this his Christopher domas his or this


we went on and on wouldn’t touch it not even to speculate not even to call for


more research and we’re sitting there going what’s wrong what have we done and then we started going after her


you work it out okay let’s keep going on this oh look everyone’s being raided in


2009 from State counterterrorism talking about variant Israeli Espionage oh wow


who cares that’s not particularly interesting Brendan boring boring Beyond wind uh who did the”

Quote #3


I warned and warned Adam green was a low-life sociopathic plant and what did


he turned out to be finally Joseph Davies Day to Remember FedEx boy introduced me to him that guy is an


absolute idiot really I replied sarcastically after they tried to ingradiate me with him continually Adam


green will not have a full satisfying life he is connected to Joe Rogan’s best friend via his yoga instructor


girlfriend and he was in Italy the same time Steve Bannon was when he was visiting with Russian Gru Alexander Dugan he was


saying I didn’t have any money I didn’t have any money then Matthew North who’s now dead suicide of themselves said uh


well actually no Adam was in Italy with his girlfriend and I said Gee that’s the same time uh Steve Bannon was over there


meeting with Alexander Dugan how interesting I didn’t know what to make of it I don’t know but it’s interesting


and when he was hey I thought he had no money oh well my girlfriend paid for it all right right Whitney Webb gets a


shout out by Kissinger and Associates multi multi multi-millionaire dissidents Joe Rogan and Alex Jones in November


2020. Whitney appears on Office of Naval intelligence Steve Bannon and general Flynn defense intelligence agency


Infowars are all working together now what a coincidence she is now hanging with Jones bestie LLC millionaire David


Ike and his son just now maybe she sold out to the lizard so she went on uh David I his son Gareth Ike went on his


show because that’s where you go for journalistic integrity it’s certainly where you go for the IIA cross promotion


shekels she’s on Israeli first a hardcore Zionist Glenn Beck Israel does not cross her lips correct me if I’m


like now she mentions Israel once at the 15 minute Mark very briefly and the next one on his BB and BB’s doing just fine


he’s going nowhere we’re all friends I could go on about I’ll tell you why she was on that show


it was to protect her they were trying to say it’s okay she’s one of ours relax everyone everyone oh good meanwhile the


other the other team gets oh it’s a cunning plot we can’t address BB directly so people no one’s going to


read a book just a bunch of fools have read that book and they’ll miss the the five pages of good info writing into


part two which is which you could hear in five minutes of a rant of mine do you understand how this system works it’s to


tell people it’s all right she’s one of ours it’s why they won’t tell you anything on there

Quote #4


demographic there and that one there and then they go and read the book and they find out the truth do you seriously think that bullshit’s


true you just get out there and you’re sad it’s very simple I could go on how about the theme is a Kissinger and


Associates one whereby all the people exposing Israel never give the full story but just enough to make Israel a


bad guy and the US population should abandon Israel to Germany Russia China Eurasian traderbock and that’s why right


now you see Germany refusing to hand over tanks they’re at War now BB’s back he’s pierced and they’re starting to get


together with Vlad and they’re going for it this is going to be a doozy there will be a tactical nuke there will be a tactical nuke in the Ukraine you can


count on it the next three months guarantee bibi’s involved you know the old Samson option


that gotta protect the movement the Germany Russia China Israel pan Eurasian


trading block we’ll get to that right now you’ll understand what Whitney’s for she better watch yourself I’m telling


you now all these people demand an end to overseas Wars withdrawal of American forces back to America they’re all


friendly with Vladimir Putin and I can link all of them to the Kissinger and Associates in a cross-promotion network


how about that chew on that one all for the grand Eurasian trading block which to pull off you must eject American and


the American Elites from the region and push Israel into the arms of Germany Russia and China and Iran and that was


Trump’s job he didn’t do the job that had to get rid of him get rid of Bannon that’s why now bannon’s hopeless


bannon’s compromised under charges of fraud doing God knows what a Mars gals yacht now they all have to shut up


The Times of Israel this is 12th of February 2019 and Whitney won’t tell you ever


Israel and Iran both set to join russia-led free trade zone hello Israel and Iran that might be a newsworthy


story but I thought they were enemies well I assume worked out they weren’t they’re all down at Chatham House and the world Institute for international


Affairs doing the Coke and the hookers and and Zara stealing all the chocolate eclairs that’s why they wouldn’t let me


go after Israel I said let’s do a conference they wouldn’t do it let’s do a travel show instead you’re not


Progressive you’re not Progressive not like Whitney Webb over there in Chile after two rounds of negotiations


Jerusalem close to agreement with the Eurasian economic Union separately Tehran also set to sign deal in the near


future you mean to say you can’t make the correct political assumptions and extrapolation on that one article from


The Times of Israel it’s not a pokey little internet Outlet it’s the times of freaking Israel and they got nothing to


say nothing that’s still a little curtain old says a good guy 12th of


February 29 and now you know why Whitney and mint Press News out of irana so buddy buddy and that’s Linked In with


John Kerry Chatham House Royal Institute for international Affairs hanging out there with the foreign minister zarif paint it mint take it down or else who


has been pressing why are they doing all this hiring from 2012. man president is there they are lie you’ll understand why


Whitney refused to report on the Putin and Netanyahu relationship and KGB Gru penetration of Israel as her buddies at


mint Press News refused to do it she didn’t miss this she covered for it and we were all meant to be dead paid off


hacked to death it hasn’t quite worked out for her and Brendan is still on the field and Whitney is gonna get booed off


might take a while but we’ll get there tickle my alarm this is Richard Silverstein an Israeli Jew KGB


infiltrated highest echelons of Israel’s Army business and political new leadership and they refused to publish


it there’s the kgb’s Middle East files illegals in Israel incredible work how penetrated Israel is and how much they


had penetrated the United States you must understand it’s not Soviet it is


Soviet it is communist it is KGB it is Gru but it’s Kissinger and Associates it’s the city of London do you


understand the commies in the thousand dollar suits George Washington University Georgia rich kids down in


Chile isn’t that right Whitney and you’ll understand why George Webb’s sidekicked tomato Marine psych Warfare


trainer Robert David still protected her and Daniel hopsickers and her on Min Press News worked it out yet there they


are has Whitney Webb ever mentioned the grand queen of this issue Kay Griggs who exposed the entire conspiracy in 1997 25


years ago there she is the great Craig Griggs here’s Whitney’s quote too I’ve never reported on Bill Gates she claims


that I said she has never reported on Bill Gates does anyone seriously believe someone would actually say that when


that’s quite obviously what she’s been reporting on for why would she even say it it’s because she’s a [ __ ] fraud


morons she’s trying to label me as mentally ill I don’t go and watch that stuff he’s mentally ill I have not the


faintest idea where that comes from but she is free to show the screenshot where I said that is she an idiot or a liar”

Quote #5


Whitney has failed to give the full story on Microsoft and Israel’s full and total integration end quote either way


she’s a liar or an idiot Microsoft States succinctly that Israel are not America will be the nucleus for Global


development of cyber Tech Whitney missed this we know she didn’t because we gave it all to her there’s the guy the head


of Microsoft okay after they got rid of the more on Bill Gates and Steve barmer Paul Allen was a genius he died


mysteriously didn’t he Cyber Solutions numerous reports suggest that the multinational company is transforming


its Israeli r d centers into the nucleus for Global development of cyber tech for Windows and Microsoft cloud services and


we have people on the street Jeremy rothkashel McCarron every damn from Bernie Sanders to Corey broken the Tulsi


Gabba my God video eight go watch it it’s brilliant video eight it’s linked below a few good Jews it’s incredible


who wouldn’t want to link to that we need to save the world we need to save America they’re the only ones who can deal with this world economic Forum this


huge multi-polar World Order only America let’s free America free the world no don’t mention my damn name


ever that video should have a million views but it encourages political action and the number one sin you could ever


have in the IIA internet social media [ __ ] Paradise social media influencer


e-begging [ __ ] is to have political action just sit and click like chickens


and run in circles as the fox Circle to put us in a new Hen House the UN Smart


City gulag numerous reports suggest that the multinational company is transforming


its Israeli r d centers into the nucleus for Global development of cyber tech for Windows and Microsoft cloud services and


you mean to say you believe she missed this here’s the Whitney quote three he sent me all his research 15 years ago


again I don’t even know what the hell she’s talking about when I was in high school or not on social media all my


work is actually his I mean it’s kind of messing with my head like what like why


even mention why would you even say that the only reason you say that to say that guy is mentally ill don’t worry about it


that’s why you say it if you’ve been keeping up this is totally hilarious now this is not stupidity it’s scrambling


lies and observocation I do not possess research I possess blood there’s me beaten to a pulp 2012. 911 2012


unconscious on a stretcher my broken bones my bruised arm as you can see my bruise there it was shattered they hid


uh x-rays they hit x-rays from the thing they totally covered it up and I couldn’t get a lawyer to represent


me as in the issue she promotes seventy percent of it more like 30 is something I personally bled for was jailed for


people died for police raids fearing for Life running to Malaysia then Iran then back to Malaysia then Lebanon then South


of the Border the Israeli State comes out against me personally Israeli ambassador to Australia Yeovil wrote


them this is in 2009 no one wants to talk about it Israeli Deputy foreign minister Danny ailon in a high profile


court case rabbis are on the stand professors of Jewish civilization the biggest hate speech trial in history where I pushed the exact issues Whitney


is trying to glue to her forehead like a hasidum attaches a black box all this starting in 2009 13 years ago”

Quote #6


time ago this is horse pucky how did Snowden get through Hong Kong and up into the Soviet the former Soviet Union


Russia Kissinger and Associates Russian Iran both LED


free trade zone come on you weren’t you are new to this download my 2019 page highly detailed highly navigable U.N


Refugee document and you will see what totally inept lying incompetent and low life These cross-promoted Hoes really


are Whitney Webb thinks she’s going to Breeze right on through okay you can go and that is open to the public that post


the link is below ladies and gentlemen I get a bit antsy when I watch this I’ve sacrificed a lot as of many others we


stand on the shoulders of giants I’ve watched for 20 years this course promotion should go round and round in


circles and nothing happened politically is 911 it’s been solved names have been named anyone going to jail no no one’s


gone to jail on Covert no matter how much freaking Rand Paul shakes his fisted fouchy no one’s going to jail I


promise you no one’s going to jail no one’s going to be arrested at the silly perp Works where Pfizer gets confronted


by Avi yemeni and rebel news those [ __ ] artists it was a purp book it was a range and you’ll go yes yes no


one’s going to jail then they get ready the next one hits the next Crisis the next Crisis


and no political movement happens and we’re going to be locked in those U.N smart cities before you know it if you


don’t wake the f up these people aren’t mistaken it’s not


that they’re scared it’s not that anything the multi-millionaires they work for them if


you have to destroy the Grassroots movement forming you must place your person you give them cross promotion you


puff them up you pay them well they don’t get their computers hacked every five minutes they’re not fearing for their safety okay you puff them up and


they’ve got to give you enough they’ve got to be shiny bait on the hook or the fish won’t strike and with Whitney Webb


you need a more sophisticated operation half which go to Alex Jones It’s


Entertainment but a more Discerning politically astute person with Whitney Webb that they’re trying to get my


market away from our Loosely Affiliated group we got phds on board serving and retired military we’re trying to move


politically so I have so much freaking trouble the moment I was talking to the Italian media oh after a year my


computer start going I go after Whitney Webb blue screen blue screen I have no blue screens in over a year


it’s not a coincidence get off our asset leave our asset alone


Brendan Christ we tried to call you in you won’t even come on board we’ll send another sister to the colonel Jag legal


advisor to General Miller just make sure she’s an effing Pisces or cancerian please and there’s someone who’s not a raving


lunatic try harder ladies and gentlemen if I have to


explain what’s at stake I don’t know what to say I literally don’t know what to say it hasn’t hurt yet but when it


hurts maybe you’ll get it but unfortunately when it really hurts it might be too late you haven’t heard I’ve heard I’ve been


child of fear to my safety intense anxiety hunger strikes I’ve done everything I can I’ve tried to get out


of it I don’t want to be involved with them I want my career in nursing back in my career in healthcare back


and I’m 52 years old and I fear for my future personally is what the [ __ ] am I going to do there’s no pensions here if


I get sick I’m [ __ ] I need operations I don’t need your money it’s already paid for I’ve already got the money


okay I’m just trying to tell you no one will sacrifice ever again and that’s the


point I’m here I survive because of the middle managers the good people within intelligence pleasing the military the


customs and and um passport border control immigration who’ve let me through those borders who do this who


thank me who hug me and say thank you for defending the Palestinians you dummies I’m here because the


[ __ ] stories are gonna come get me and drop a freaking bomb on me in a black helicopter and kidnap me horse party it’s all Psych Warfare now online


stay online you’ll do well play the game you might make it might make a living but you’ll never solve the


problem they’re getting ready to move on to covert Mark 2 3 or 666 or whatever they’re gonna do a nuke in new ground


it’s on the books I’ll bet money on I mean I maybe they won’t but it’s the next Factor they’ve got to get covered


and uh the high level death rates out of the news and above all there’s literally they’re fighting back I thought they


were done I thought the US was going to dominate now you see BB Vlad Germany is refusing to give tanks man that’s not an


ax I told you Germany was in good Hearts Road or that gang Angela Merkel they were in with Russia


German high technology Russian raw resources Chinese manufacturing capacity in Israel


would amidst the whole thing from the emerging Federated States of Greater Israel and they would dominate the high-tech sector and they would shift


de-industrialize the United States that was the plan it’s not going so well but they are fighting back and it’s


Whitney Ware’s job to sit there and pretend that that Putin Germany and China were not all in bed together with


Israel that’s what she’s been covering for that’s what she’s been covering for


the sole job of uh Vladimir Putin is to destroy Syria and he’s done it beautifully people said


look he stopped Israel how is Syria gonna how is Israel going to take over Syria they had no capacity to take over


Syria they get Russia to do it for him they ran that whole program they bought Iran in


Zari from Rouhani down at Chatham House with BB and John Kerry


destroying that destroyed pan-arab nationalism Iraq is in Ruins Syria is in Ruins


Israel can’t do it but Russia can we’re all you Putin groupies when when America Dropped a Bomb on a house and killed


five kids rightly so your outraged rightly so there were inquiries there was compensation paid it wasn’t the best


what do you get with Russia they literally leveled whole cities with artillery and unguided dumb bombs and


you never said a word because that’s the game these people are plants dummies


Putin isn’t keeping Israel out of Syria Putin is destroying Syria that’s the


point and then they bring it on the rebuilding programs and then they’re going to merge it all into the Federated States of great Israel this isn’t Bibi


it’s not Putin it’s not g it’s Chatham House it’s the Royal Institute for international Affairs it’s a Rothschild


it’s a city of London the UK EU banking cartel fraternity dummies boot America out you control


North America South America we have Eurasia you have your colonies you have the ocean we have Eurasia it’s exactly


what uh what Hitler said when the British backstabbed him see what’s the problem where have you


Rose you have your colonies Fair Deal this is Chatham House this is Royal Institute for international Affairs Club


of Rome Rothschild city of London and that’s who Whitney Webb covers for Via


Kissinger and Associates and that vast Network that’s operating right now cross-promoting each other


you don’t get it they changed their tune only because Grassroots people continue to push hard


and slowly but surely people are understanding how it works we just got


to keep our picks hard our powder dry and keep going remember the first American Revolution 1776 they had no


shoes they were freezing half the time they had no firearms or no ammunition this is going to be a long battle the


camp this catalog stampeding but they’re going to settle they will settle and then we’ll see what happens okay let’s


wind this up let’s finish it I’ll leave you with don’t forget to like And subscribe ladies and gentlemen this is not sour


grapes this is not when people say I’m jealous I just want to scream I can’t get people to go into my stuff because most of these people aren’t real


anywhere they’re part of a cult they’re International trotskyots they’re hardcore left Wingers and communists


okay they are communists all right that [ __ ] Corbett is a communist he wants to bring down the


United States he works for them that’s why he never tells you the truth the Deep truth he’s never told the truth


about Israel in his life touched a little bit and moved on after he’s been here 20 years bullshitting and people


still believe a word that prick says covered made them Heroes don’t you understand covert now Alex Jones go are


we near the heroes don’t dare say this about Whitney Alex Jones they’re Heroes that’s why they all cross promote


amongst each other and they’re all making good money and you don’t get it they’re not Heroes they


made a fortune you want to call someone a hero look here I lost everything dummy I bet my bones


broken I lost my career I’ve lived in fear I’ve run from one Muslim [ __ ]


government to the other thinking they were going to help and they’re all got their heads down because they’re all compromised cocaine using hooker pieces


of [ __ ] it’s the middle managers that look down for me the middle managers you


better get down to the policing in the military and intelligence community and stop being a [ __ ] you’ve got to be pro-usa free the United States free the


world stop being negative we can be politically active there’s only one group of people that don’t want you


engaging with those people that’s the enemy and anyone who tells you not to engage with the military anyone who told


you it’s hopeless it’s pointless they’re the enemy that’s exactly what a Putin exactly what a Rothschild exactly what


the East India trading company wants it wants people who won’t help themselves you can’t beat them you don’t have the


guns the armored vehicles and the drones and surveillance and the killbots but


they’re coming soon if you don’t don’t wake up and move politically we’re doing a bit behind the scenes come to my


patreon and if you want to pay 10 bucks a month the reason we do it is we don’t want casual observers you’re going to


have to pay some money and we’ll see what we can do any excess I get in time once I paid all


my bills we’re going to start promoting people buying I’m already buying a laptop for someone next month and we’re going to start getting hidden cameras


we’re going to start buying a whole bunch of stuff what I’m going to do and that’s a


fortune number one I kind of mess a fortune number two and do what this is a fight to the death dummies and


these people are amassing fortunes and doing very well Whitney Webb like the Ice Age farmer oh I bought my property


and got my eggs and my chickens and my Labrador and my organic garden oh really nothing no talk of political movement no


talk of taking that money and putting it towards people so they can be full-time activists so they can get out there on


the street with all the all the hardware of the Grassroots activists with Graphics designers and Banners and


flyers we can’t get anywhere we can’t get two people to agree on anything well we’ll change that now we


go to private meetings we don’t have the public meetings like before and lo and behold we’re getting further lo and


behold when are you going to work out Whitney Webb’s paid off her Farm in Chile and is doing very well for herself and


apparently you’re all going to sit out the storm sit out the drones the robots the semi-autonomous kill Vehicles the


armored vehicles and the surveillance vehicles and what [ __ ] out into a bright shining future dummies you’re all


going in your fools you fool it’s a self-driving trucks will turn up with


the robots and you will get at them with your family and you will be forcibly vaccinated and you will be sterile in


two generations and you will die alone with a robot bother in a un Smart City these people don’t make sense you are


stupid it’s not the smartest that you’re stupid look in the mirror say yes I’ve been very very stupid I better get


political and anyone with an opinion who is not getting political anyone who’s free to hit the streets but instead sits


in their little homemade Studios reading articles you could read yourself and demand to be paid for what tell you how


angry they are you tell those little pieces of [ __ ] to get out there on the street and start lobbying politically


with intelligent concise information or else not frauds let us lead by example


catch you later what’s up y’all on the last date on Earth”

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By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.