Mind Control Is Pervasive

Once you come to terms with the pervasive and expansive nature of mind control in society over time, you understand why “things seem to have changed.”

Frankly, reality and “the narrative” are not necessarily one and the same. Not the mainstream media narrative. Not the alternative media narrative. Nada.

But what about “independent thinkers?” Fact: Certain people are out there with the sole purpose of making you believe X or Y or Z.

So nobody on the planet should be trusted blindly. Just the opposite, you should feel free to question everything and everyone.

Specifically, if you question the government it’s not anti-government. If you question your faith community it doesn’t make you “self-hating.” And so on.

Finally—given how much effort goes into influencing our minds—we should not feel bad for making mistakes. It’s a struggle to navigate through a sea of information warfare.

The Bible is always good to study, though. It has a way of setting the mind right.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy. All opinions are the author’s own. Free photo via Pexels.