Why Brendon O’Connell Matters

Brendon O’Connell is a native Australian pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel activist. He is an important figure to study for a few reasons.

  1. He seems to be a textbook case of the political exploitation of diversity and inclusion—using the noble cause of civil rights as a cover for suppression of freedom of speech. (His opponents also call him “mentally ill” which is a way to silence voices of resistance to oppression.)
  2. He has pointed out that Microsoft products are worked on by Russian emigres to Israel. He aptly points out the security issues. If Russian cyber spies working in Israel put spy software in Microsoft products, and those products are used pervasively in America including by the government.…that’s a severe risk.
  3. Generally he points out that America, a strong ally of Israel, should be wary of the connection between Israel and Russia-China. Putin and Xi argue for a “multipolar” world — better sounding than a “one world government” — but is that only rhetoric intended to justify attacking and collapsing us?
  4. He points out that certain people, like the alternative social media pundit Whitney Webb, are very influential and seem to say the right things as social critics, but their narrative is forced and steered. I have studied her work and came to the same conclusion.
  5. O’Connell is a humanitarian type who supports human rights for oppressed people. I see him as a political critic of Israel, meaning he disagrees with the way they exert power. He disagrees as well with the way that religious doctrine informs political policy. I don’t think he understands Judaism or the operational picture within which Israel operates. I think he is incorrect about Israel’s attitude. They are overwhelmingly looking for peace and getting terrorized in return. However, I don’t see him as a hater of Jews and am concerned when he says that intelligence types keep trying to somehow associate him with White nationalists. We need to deal with organic threats not invented ones.
  6. It is concerning that secret military intelligence operations or societies seem to operate within or alongside normal government structures. This distorts their purpose and multiple victims have come forward to associate their existence with MKULTRA.
  7. We need to go back to having debates based on the facts and not clickbait.

Note: I am still reading O’Connell’s application for refugee status, which he posted online.

You can download the refugee application here:


See Fiona Barnett’s Eyes Wide Open regarding her experience as an MKULTRA survivor in Australia.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.