Are NATO & Russia Playing “Good Cop, Bad Cop” To Conquer Ukraine & Divide The Spoils?

Looking at the war toll one year in, one has to ask whether the West is playing the pretense of supporting Ukraine in a bid for independence while actually gutting the country and setting the stage for a foreign colonization of it.

Or perhaps, is the West secretly partnering with Russia to clear out the country and divide the spoils?

One also has to ask what Zelenskyy’s true agenda is, or whether he is a puppet figure altogether.

The voices of Ukrainians are not being heard across the board, for sure: Political opposition has been “restricted” or “suspended” (Yahoo News; The Guardian).

Here is what we do know, from a Western mainstream media perspective:

  1. In the year since the war began, 18-41% of Ukraine’s population has fled altogether, depending on whether you use the CBS News or CIA refugee estimate. Another 12% has lost their homes. This alone is staggering. Increasingly, and substantially, the native population is simply not there.
  2. The men who can fight are also the men who can reproduce. They have been thrown into the trenches of war to fight and die while females and the young have fled to other countries. So the ability of Ukrainians to produce new Ukrainians by birth is severely impaired.
  3. Meanwhile, thousands of children have been directly removed to Russian reeducation camps. These kids are for all intents and purposes going to be Russian.
  4. Obviously Ukraine could not hope to fight the militarily superior Russia without foreign aid. But where are the interests of its president, Volodomyr Zelenskyy? Financially he has substantial assets outside Ukraine. “Before becoming president, Zelenskiy declared…three…co-owned offshore companies….the Pandora papers show further offshore assets that Zelenskiy appears not to have revealed.” (The Guardian 2021) As for his personal patriotism? He is an actor by trade so one cannot tell from his mannerisms or words alone.

DETAIL (from CBS News unless otherwise indicated; link below)

—Ukrainian population (total): 43.5 million (CIA 2022)

Ukrainian losses so far:
—8 million refugees mostly women age 18-59, then children aged 5-17 [the CIA estimates more than twice that — 18 million+ refugees!]
—5.3 million+ displaced internally
—6,000+ Ukrainian children taken to Russian re-education camps
—7,199-13,000+ killed
—11,756+ injured
—Men of fighting age “forced to stay and fight”

Russian losses (UK estimate)
—40,000 to 60,000 killed
—175,000-200,000 injured

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.