5 Reflections On Diversity & Inclusion

  1. It is true that systemic bigotry exists. That within a bigoted system, the more powerful group will oppress the less powerful one. But it’s also true that sometimes, the powerful group will not do that.
  2. People tend to forget that the subordinate group has free will. Its members can, will and do oppress EACH OTHER. The subordinate grip will also oppress the more powerful group.
  3. White people are not inherently bad, men are not inherently bad, etc., and to assert this is to be racist and sexist. That said—I have enjoyed my trainings thus far (on LinkedIn and elsewhere) and find the presentations extremely eye-opening and non-hateful.
  4. Diversity and inclusion are about much more than what people look like on the outside. Many disabilities are hidden.
  5. Attempts to dominate and control are pervasive. It’s got to stop. This type of training can help us evolve.

(Reminder: It’s always me talking – sensitive topic – personal opinion.)

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own.