Infiltration + Incompetence + Infighting = The Real National Emergency

We must vigorously support the restoration of the civil service to a non-partisan, non-politicized, non-commercially infiltrated, non-foreign-influenced arm of the Federal government whose sole function is to serve the American people under the direction of a loyal and patriotic President of the United States of America.

“Around this time I learned that its [USAID’s] administrator, John Gilligan, had said that the agency had served as a sort of graduate school for CIA agents. ‘At one time, many AID field offices were infiltrated from top to bottom with CIA people,’ he said. ‘It was pretty well known in the agency who they were and what they were up to…. The idea was to plant operatives in every kind of activity we had overseas, government, volunteer, religious, every kind.’ His statements startled me.”

Attributing a comment to former USAID Administrator John Gilligan — Catholic Priest Father George Cotter, cited in Price, “Cold War Anthropology: The CIA, the Pentagon, and the Growth of Dual Use Anthropology,” Duke University Press, 2016. Pictured: Gilligan.

““One unnamed employee — quoted in an April 2021 document — said leadership of I&A’s Office of Regional Intelligence ‘is “shady” and “runs like a corrupt government.”’
“Another document said some employees worried so much about the legality of their activities that they wanted their employer to cover legal liability insurance.”
“Carrie Bachner, formerly the career senior legislative adviser to the DHS under secretary for intelligence, said the fact that the agency is directly questioning Americans as part of a domestic-intelligence program is deeply concerning”

Corruption in government creates fertile ground for its weaponization. In the hands of the wrong people, the hard work of eliminating systemic discrimination becomes the widespread targeting of anyone who refuses to promote the ascent of evil.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own.