SVB Ukraine

“Silicon Valley Bank catered to venture-capital firms and tech startups”

2/2/23 “Silvergate Faces US Fraud Probe Over FTX and Alameda Dealings” (Bloomberg)

3/8/23 “Silvergate Capital Corporation Announces Intent to Wind Down Operations and Voluntarily Liquidate Silvergate Bank” (Company press release)

3/10/23 “Silvergate Capital and SVB Financial, the parent of Silicon Valley Bank, stunned investors this week as their stocks plunged and news broke that the two banks were shutting down….Silicon Valley Bank catered to venture-capital firms and tech startups, many of which saw their fortunes rise during the stock boom in 2021. The bank’s assets and deposits almost doubled in 2021.Regulators shut down the bank Friday after a run on deposits doomed the tech-focused lender’s plans to raise fresh capital.”

3/11/23 “The United States financial system has been rattled by the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SBV) and Silvergate Bank within 48 hours as economic uncertainty prevails. Therefore, some financial sector players project that the situation will likely worsen in the coming days.”

“Multinational Tech Giants established more than 100 R&D centers in Ukraine including Oracle, Samsung, Ring/Amazon, Siemens, Ericsson, Huawei, NetCracker, Mellanox, WIX….Silicon Valley tech companies have acquired Ukrainian startups and technologies from Ukrainian companies: Vimeo acquired Livestream, Snap acquired Looksery, Oracle acquired Maxymiser, Google acquired Viewdle.

“The number of successful tech startups with Ukrainian founding teams is growing in Silicon Valley, and attracting investments from VCs…..Allset, Augmented Pixels, Depositphotos, Grammarly, Invisible.Io, MacPaw, People.Ai, Petcube, Readdle. Yes, all these companies also have Ukrainian roots and are growing their business with Ukraine now. These are the reasons that each year more and more companies from Silicon Valley choose to grow their business with Ukraine.”

Natalia Mykolaka, “Why Ukraine is the country to grow your tech and innovation business with,” 5/24/2019,

“Only ONE…had a career in investment banking – and the rest were Obama, Clinton mega-donors”

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own.