“Jacob Chansley Calling The FBI” (Video, 1/7/21, with Machine Transcript)


“hi yeah um my name is Jake uh the reason
for the call is because I heard y’all
are looking for me I heard y’all uh are
uh trying to get information on me I’m
the dude that was in the horns in the
Capitol building

“so I just thought I’d
call you guys because I heard you guys
were looking for information on me or
all that stuff so I thought I’d call and
hit the nip it in the bud

“I don’t know I’m not 100 we’re kind of
on the road

“um I’d rather just uh figure out what
you guys want

what’s that
just repeat it because man
my parents will been telling me all over
the Internet that that DCPD said that
I’m a uh I’m wanted uh as a person of
interest quote unquote for a quote
unquote unlawful entry of the Senate

“and apparently I’ve been told by more
than one person the FBI is looking for

“so I’m not the type of guy that is gonna
like run and hide I don’t do that I, I
don’t believe in that

“I’m a bold man, I believe in the truth, I believe in my
faith in God and and Country and so I’m
calling to see what y’all would like to
talk about what kind of information
y’all were looking for”

“sure let me just get that one second
hold on
what’s that
yeah I’m about to call them after I call
you guys

“to me you know God love DCPD,
but uh to me the FBI is a little bit
bigger of a fish than DCPD, so I figured
I’d call you guys foist

“okay I’m ready for that number whenever
you are ready to give it sir
D row two
two seven eight
two thousand Roger that God bless you
sir and thank you for your service

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