American Rifles Used To Arrest American Gonzalo Lira?

An astute commenter on another platform pointed out that the rifles used to arrest the American citizen Gonzalo Lira in Ukraine appear to be American.

I did a Google image search of the rifle used to arrest Lira.

This was one of the first results found.

Is it true that the Americans are directing the Ukraine military in a proxy war against Russia?

Was American weaponry used in this arrest?

Looks like it could be.

We are openly arming Ukraine.

Was Gonzalo Lira, an American, arrested at the behest of America because he is making American foreign policy look stupid, deadly or criminal?

Well, the respected journalist Seymour Hersh did report that we “took out” Nord Stream.

Someone more qualified than me needs to answer those questions.

I am only highlighting the fact that a comment I read online seems plausible and important.

If it is true that the USA directed Lira’s arrest, that would obviously be all kinds of unkosher.


Additional thoughts/notes that need to be built out. Suspicious:

  • Nuland 2014 leak – chooses gov officials
  • CIA, known for propaganda, trained Ukrainians
  • Daily Beast hit job article twice (second right after 2nd arrest – when written?
  • Lira mocked journos-they seized computer/cut off social media

American “political operative” and journalist (per Wikipedia bio) Sarah Ashton-Cirillo.

She is fighting for Ukraine now and says “we are coming” for “Russian propagandists everywhere.”

Cirillo started off American and crossed into Ukrainian identity which she tries to superimpose onto Americans.

Addendum 2:

CIA is the non-discussed “hidden figure” behind #TwitterFiles – (“other government organization”). Are they going after American citizen Gonzalo Lira for “Russian propaganda,” while hiding behind SBU? Where does this end?

Addendum 3

The Daily Beast March 2022:

The Daily Beast May 2023:

Yahoo News March 2022:

Addendum 4

First arrest – the “Kraken Unit” – please.

Addendum 5

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own. Public domain.