Dear President Trump: Please Shut Up About E. Jean Carroll

To: President Trump
Re: Stop talking about E. Jean


I am reaching out to respectfully suggest that you stop talking about E. Jean Carroll, now and forever. You had a lousy lawyer, and your ego did not help.

Just stop.

You’re guilty—and if you don’t act fast this will be your downfall.

Our Nation needs you, and I don’t want that to happen.

You’re guilty—because your Access Hollywood tape proved that you make moves on women.

You’re guilty—because you have countless accusers on the groping and grabbing.

Guilty—because you told your lawyer to pay women off for silence.

It’s not about the case, and the details aren’t important anymore. This is about your reputation, and the louder you scream the more you prove your accusers are right.

I do believe that you saw E. Jean that day, a very beautiful woman by the way (not that a victim has to be) and you saw an opportunity and you took it.

You should have told the truth from beginning to end. You actually confused your accuser with your ex in the deposition.

I read E. Jean’s book. She said she didn’t suffer after the incident with you. This is because in the context of her life, it was just a blip.

I watched her on TV, too.

Admitted she was laughing and flirting the whole time, and didn’t say no.

Went willingly into the room, the lingerie room.

I believe her.

The truth is that nearly 30 years ago the two of you were walking sexual train wrecks, and you collided with each other, and it was a disaster.

She acted like she was up for anything, until she got into the room and she wasn’t, because your victim has been raped and strangled since childhood.

You’re supposed to be an advocate for survivors of child rape, don’t you know not to call survivors liars?

Meanwhile you miscalculated with her. It wasn’t a wild adventure in the town you owned. It wasn’t your fantasy. It was rape. Rape rape rape rape rape. And you hurt her.

The two of you should have kept this out of the courtroom. It never would have gone this far if you had simply kept your mouth shut about a one-off that you knew was true.

But you had to find a way to make this go away, so you posted about it being a hoax on social media, and that really p—ed her off because SHE HAS THE DRESS HANGING IN HER CLOSET.

We all know that the world is out to get you right now. They will bring any civil or criminal case they can. It is all about keeping you out of power. We know this.

That is why I am begging you, Sir, to please, please, please, respectfully, just SHUT UP about this case FOR EVER.

Whatever you did, it’s infinitesimally less than the evil you are fighting. But your ego is getting the best of you, and you’re turning a gnat into a giant, fire breathing dragon.

Just stop talking about it. Let the fire die out.

You have a lot of people depending on you right now. You have to focus on them.

The world is full of people who have done bad, and they’ve done better. Just step out of that dressing room and move on.

By Dr. Dannielle Blumenthal (Dossy). All opinions are the author’s own.