“Chairmen Jordan and Turner Write to CIA on Hunter Biden Intel Letter” (May 2023)

n a letter to CIA Director William Burns, Chairmen Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Mike Turner (R-OH) of the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees requested documents related to the Committees’ investigation of the October 19, 2020, public statement signed by 51 former intelligence community officials that suggested that public reporting about Hunter Biden’s business dealings and Biden family influence-peddling “had all the hallmarks of a Russian information operation.”

The Chairmen wrote that they have reason to believe that the CIA may have helped to solicit signatories for the statement and that CIA employees may have communicated with some of the signatories. The Chairmen also received evidence that the CIA may have played a role in the quick approval of the statement by the CIA’s Prepublication Classification Review Board.

The Chairmen have asked the CIA to produce all documents responsive to their requests by May 30, 2023. If the CIA does not produce all responsive documents, the Chairmen may resort to compulsory process, such as a subpoena.

The Chairmen’s investigation is ongoing.

Press Release: