Greg Rubini*: Dismantle the CIA


Claims by Greg Rubini on Twitter, 5/21/2023. Not the first such claims, but succinctly put.

“The CIA has ALWAYS been corrupt.
Since its founding, in 1947.
The CIA killed JFK and RFK,
The CIA did 9/11
The CIA did 87 Coup’s around the world

including in Ukraine, in 2014,

and in the US, in Nov. 2020
cc: @RobertKennedyJr
It is the CIA who installed the demented USURPER Joe Biden and his Cabal in the WH.


-Hunter laptop is ‘Russian disinformation’

-Stolen Election

-Jan. 6

-the Riots of the Summer 2020
-and much more.

The CIA controls:








-The BBC

-Google, YouTube


-Twitter (even now)

Thus, the CIA controls the Narrative.

And there is much more to be said…

The FBI is the domestic Gestapo of the CIA.

The Jan. 6 trap was done by the FBI, DHS, DC police

but make no mistake: it was planned by the CIA.

The worst enemy of the USA
-is not Russia.
-is not China.

The worst enemy of the USA is the CIA.

To restore the Republic – and to restore the Rule of Law – there is Only ONE Solution:

-Dismantle the CIA (like JFK wanted to do in 1963)

-Dismantle the FBI

-Dismantle the DOJ

-Dismantle the DHS

and this is only the Start.

Let me know if you agree…

The CIA is an inherently subversive, Criminal organization.

They showed it over and over again.

From the 1950’s, to 1963, to Sept 2001, to Nov. 2020, to Jan. 2021, and onwards to this very day.

The CIA: “We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal”
and: “We Kill”

CIA = “Central Intelligence Agency”

What mainly the Central Intelligence Agency lacks is Intelligence.

The CIA must be dismantled.


And it is interesting to note that many former CIA Officers (true Patriots) are saying the same: ‘The CIA must be dismantled’.

Among them: Ray McGovern @raymcgovern , Larry Johnson, Phil Giraldi

Herrengasse 23,
Bern, Switzerland

Why is this address so important?

And how is it related with the shenanigans of the CIA?

Herrengasse 23, Bern
was the address of the OSS Station in Switzerland.

The OSS was the precursor of the CIA.

The OSS Station Chief in Switzerland was Allen Dulles, who later became CIA Director, and orchestrated the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Allen Dulles was also the most powerful member of the Warren Commission, whose task was to investigate the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Think about it…

Think about it…

Allen Dulles, the guy who orchestrated the assassination of JFK, was also the boss of the Commission tasked to investigate the JFK assassination…

What Allen Dulles did in the Warren Commission was to coordinate the cover-up.

The FBI and its Director, J. Edgar Hoover, helped Allen Dulles in the cover-up.

They were all in it: the CIA, the FBI and the Secret Service.

But what happened in Herrengasse 23, Bern, Switzerland, in 1945?

Allen Dulles, then OSS Station Chief in Switzerland, made an agreement with the Head of the Nazi Party, Martin Bormann.

It was a secret agreement, and it is classified to this very day, 78 years later.

The terms of that secret agreement between Allen Dulles, representing the USA, and the Head of the Nazi Party, Martin Bormann, are so repugnant and disgusting….

Let us underline that in 1945 Martin Bormann, Head of the Nazi Party, was the most powerful man of Nazi Germany.

In fact, since mid-1944 Adolf Hitler did not have any real power anymore, and Bormann and Himmler (Head of the SS) had taken over….

No US President, except Truman and perhaps Eisenhower, has ever known about that secret agreement between Allen Dulles and the Head of the Nazi Party, Martin Bormann.

Nor about its terms,

Neither of its existence.

Six years later, in 1951, Allen Dulles was made Deputy Director of the CIA, and in 1953 he was promoted as Director of the CIA.

And we know what he did in 1963…

And what about Martin Bormann, the Head of the Nazi Party?

In 1967 Martin Bormann cashed a check for a few million dollars at the branch of the Chase Manhattan Bank of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

What is remarkable is that Martin Bormann signed the check with his own name.

He did not even bother to hide his identity with an alias name.

We know that after WWII, and for decades, Israel and the Mossad went all over the world chasing Nazi war criminals.

The Mossad captured many of them.

Well… Martin Bormann, the Head of the Nazi Party, was never chased or even disturbed by the Mossa.d

Bormann lived in Argentina undisturbed until his natural death, in 1972.”

Claims by Greg Rubini (this is a pseudonym) on Twitter, 5/21/2023.

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