Vatican Book Part 9

Anti-Semitic Training The Vatican hates the Jewish race, and trains its agents to hate it as well. The earliest anti-semitic training includes the …Vatican Book Part 9

Book Part 8

Prometheus Under Vulcan is Prometheus, the main white system (presentations) controller punisher. His punishments include fire, burning, and intense …Book Part 8

Book Part 7

Trigger warning: this post contains graphic descriptions of programming and methods Assassin Training (ages 2-4) The early assassin training is …Book Part 7

Exposing the Vatican: Part 6

trigger warning: explicit discussion of programming, traumas and negative spirituality Q’Ballah Programming Mengele always installed the Q’Ballah in …Exposing the Vatican: Part 6

Exposing the Vatican: Part 5

Survival of the Fittest Mengele was a firm believer in the “survival of the fittest” and during the 1940s,1950s and 1960s infants trained by him and …Exposing the Vatican: Part 5

Exposing the Vatican book: Part 4

Early Splitting The first weeks of life for an infant born to the Jesuits are very busy and extremely painful. This is when the first splits are …Exposing the Vatican book: Part 4

book part 4

Trigger Warning: Please be aware that this information was meant to help therapists understand programming by a large occultic organization, and …book part 4

III. How are the Jesuits financed?

The Jesuit Order is financed through the offices of the Vatican, the wealthiest organization on earth. Most people have no idea of the vast wealth …III. How are the Jesuits financed?

Vatican Book Part 1

Six years ago, I wrote a book about the Vatican for therapists, and have only shared it privately until now, except for 1 excerpt in a blog post … Vatican Book Part 1 Sharing Svali’s important book. This material consists of multiple successive reposts, but it is timely and important. Please guard yourself when reading… Continue reading Vatican Book Part 1

Colonialism on parade

It is the height of colonialism for a Westerner to travel overseas to occupy a person’s body for cash. (The NY Post describes this as “romping.”) “The sex trade is common in Thailand’s large tourist cities where prostitution is legal. Illegal and rampant, however, is the sexual exploitation of children. In many cases, drivers take… Continue reading Colonialism on parade